10 Online Data Backup Services for Your Business
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10 Online Data Backup Services for Your Business

In today’s technology driven times “data” plays a crucial role in any type of business. Electronic information therefore needs to be guarded and secured from an array of hostile entities and incidents, and at the same should be made available whenever required. All this is easier said than done as electronic data can be easily compromised in terms of sabotage and corruption. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses keep a backup of this repertoire of information in a place which is impossible to break into or destroy.

Mentioned below are 10 popular online data backup services for your online business.

1. Mediafire

Although the name and the slogan “Share your media” may sound misleading, the fact is Mediafire does offer online backup service for an array of file formats, more than 200 actually which can be initiated right from your browser or mobile devices. You can collaborate, share folders and files and allow access to various documents to individuals of your choice. You can also collaborate via social media platform. Mediafire offers 50GB of free space with every new account. However, if your business demands a much larger space then you need to buy a commercial plan; two of which are mentioned below.

• 1000 GB for $2.49/month.

• 100 TB for $24.99/month.

2. Mega

The one feature which separates MEGA from the rest of the cloud backup service companies is its browser-based, high-performance, end-to-end encryption facility. The company boasts that the only human readable information that it collects or can be seen by users is during the signup. Some of the other unique features include no password reset, browser specific file transfers and price factor vis-Ã -vis encryption technology used. The company has several innovative services coming up; prominent among them is the encrypted communication platform. Mega also offers backup via smart App. It offers 50GB of free space on signup. However, commercial plans begin from EUR 8.33/month for 4 TB of space.

3. Surdoc

So what makes Surdoc so special? Continuous backups! Yes, files are backed up perpetually when you are connected to the internet. It simply means real time saving of crucial information. Once uploaded, the data is secured with technologies that are synonymous with financial and military organisations. Post computer crash, Surdoc maintains file and folder hierarchy and legitimacy. View, edit and share. Access can be initiated through PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Surdoc offers free 100GB storage space on sign up with certain restrictions. For businesses there are several plans to choose from.

• 100 GB for $2.50 with additional benefits such as large special files storage & file size.

• Unlimited space for $8.33.

4. ADrive

Manage & back up your business and enterprise level data in the most organised manner. Edit and share files; access from anywhere and anytime. Transfer methods include SCP, SFTP or RSync over SSH using any standard client. This simply translates into secure uploads. Desktop application reduces the complexity of uploading files. You can schedule tasks, such as uploading an entire folder with a maximum size of 16 GB. It offers a free 50 GB space on signup, while business plans start from $7.00/month per 200 GB, and 10 users or $ 70.00 per year.

5. Onedrive

Onedrive is Microsoft sponsored online storage service which boasts an array of features. While most of them are standard lineaments, the one which needs to be mentioned is the built-in integration with office desktop. Here are some of the highlights of Onedrive.

1. Easy desktop syncing and mobile access.

2. Create/edit Office documents right inside the browser.

3. Real time collaboration of documents. It also offers different versions and history of documents that have been collaborated.

One drive business plan starts from $2.50/month for 25GB, while new users are awarded a 7 GB free storage space.

6. Copy

If you are a small business entity then Copy online storage is for you. Copy offers a host of features to make backup management chore a joy to work with. It offers 15GB of free space on signup and is cross platform compatible. One of its unique features is its built-in data verification module for files which are shared privately. Opt for a free plan to get the hang of the things. Need larger space? Then opt for personal or business plan which begins from $99 per year for 50GB space.

7. Spideroak

Spideroak offers a couple of unique features which are simply a joy to work with. It offers a standalone, full-fledged program for uploading and backing up data, and it saves all this in encrypted format. It simply means the content cannot be viewed by the service provider. On the flip side it offers just 2 GB free storage space which is not much in case you want to backup lots of media files such as songs and videos. Business plans start from $10 for 100 GB space.

8. Google drive

Google drive is quite popular with Gmail users. It allows you to store any file, whether documents, recordings, pictures, blueprints, etc. Every subscriber gets a 15GB free Google storage. Standard features include access from multiple devices and platforms. Collaboration is yet another salient feature which many Gmail users find attractive since it doesn’t require sending email attachments back and forth. However, Google Apps for business with Vault requires users to pay $10 per month; valid for single entity. It also offers powerful archiving and legal holds features.

9. Mozy

Now if you are looking for some really secure and safe cloud storage space then Mozy is the answer. It offers either a 56-bit AES personal encryption key or a 448-bit blowfish key. It has also received ISO certification which proves that this company takes data storage very seriously. Apart from these outstanding features it also offers 24×7 monitoring, temperature control, backup power supplies, seismic guard, fire prevention & suppression systems, biometric scanner, etc. and all this for a price of $ 5.99 for 50 GB for single user.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox is quite popular, and this can be gauged from the fact that it comes bundled with many mobile devices and netbooks. The highlights of Dropbox are its 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification. Create any file and simply upload. Access your media and documents from anywhere across several platforms and devices. Sign up is free and users are gifted with free cloud storage, while the paid plans start from $9.99 per user per month.

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