10 Unique and Free Android Apps
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10 Unique and Free Android Apps

Android apps have assumed an unmistakable and irresistible importance in our lives today. Regardless of the age or demographic, users from all over the globe actively download these apps and use them for a wide multitude of reasons. If you have been looking for some new and refreshing android apps, we are hopeful that our current list of 10 amazing and quite unconventional free Android apps will get you what you are looking for. Kindly read ahead to know more:

10 Unique and Free Android Apps



Fancy makes it very easy for the users to get amazing gift ideas and suggestions. Yes, you heard it right! Now whether it is your 3rd month anniversary or the birthday of your best friend’s adopted pet, you will be able to get your hands on the right set of items, from an exhaustive range of amazing stores, even more amazing goods and certain simply amazing places. No matter what the occasion is, this app will provide you with the right gift for it.



Okay, we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but if there is a heaven in the virtual world for a book reader, it is Good Reads. With this android app, you can go through thousands of books which are recommended or reviewed by your friends or other members of the community. Also, you can maintain a virtual bookshelf of all that you have read so far and also keep the books updated in the “To Read” list, comprising of all the novels that you may want to read later on. With over 8 million users loyal to this app, the book worm inside you would definitely want to explore this app more.



It is an easy to use app which takes care of your “noted to be used later use” needs. With the help of this, you can easily stay organized and focused, take notes, click pictures, maintain a thorough to do list, and create voice reminders. Besides, all of these notes are completely searchable, should you ever find yourself lost in the pile of stuff. Tada! Your sort of new personal assistant is right here with you.

Mobile Hotspot Free

Mobile Hotspot app

A traveler’s best friend, Hop Stop actually helps you to reach where you wish to go. It informs you about the directions and includes information regarding cabs, taxis, basis and public transit etc. The app covers the whole of Europe, Canada and the U.S.



And talking about different places, travel and directions, how can we not mention Yelp? Looking towards grabbing a quick bite? Need to try out something new and good over the weekend? Want to discover new areas? This is the app for you. And also, with its unique feature of augmented reality, the app tells you all the restaurants and shops worth knowing, once you use the viewfinder through your camera.



Here is a simple and amazing way to manage all the content of your phone. Drop box helps you to streamline the content from your desktop and your mobile, access it anytime you want, on the fly. Also, if in case your android breaks or worse – gets stolen, the content would still be safe in the drop box.



When you are indulging (read: a better way of saying procrastinating) in a sort of aimless net surfing activity and stumble upon a link or an article or a web page you may want to revisit later, keep them in your pocket. Not literally, but this app allows you to keep a stock of all that’s interesting which you see while doing some other monotonous work, and hence instead of letting yourself get distracted, you may easily just save the entire thing in this app and read it while on a flight, in a cab, waiting in the queue etc.

Alarm Clock Plus


If you are one who’s biggest battle in life is to just wake up on time and to not to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep instead, then this is the app for you. An advanced and rather smart (read: cunning) app, it allows you to set several different alarms, and all with different tones; and that’s not all! It also has a math feature which means that the alarm would not shut up till you actually solve the equation early in the morning to dismiss it. Like we said, cunning little thing this app is! But it’s greatly needed anyway.

Google Music


Another great option to stream music online, other than Pandora and Spotify, is Google Music. The app allows you to access the music library from various mobile or desktop browsers, also allows you to download and save free tracks online and buy complete albums or tracks from the online market.

Temple Run 2


And finally we have a gaming app here! Have you always been a fan of the first edition of this crazy ‘run for your life for the fear of wild black monkeys’ app? Then the second version of the same is going to take your heart away. The second rendition has introduced a lot of new features and obstacles in the run. Besides, instead of cute little monkeys, you have a beast following you! And yes, you read it right! We did say cute little monkeys, as that is how you would look at them, once you have had the glimpse of the beast of Temple Run 2.

This brings us to the end of the post. Please do let us know what you think about our collection. Do you have any new and cool ones to add to the list? How was your experience in using these apps anyway? Let us know through the comments section below.

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