13 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Experience of Using Internet
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13 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Experience of Using Internet

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser being used in the modern time. If you are looking for something exciting to improve your way of using chrome, following is the list of 13 Chrome extensions will help you to enhance your browsing experience. Many big and small things are there to enhance your web browsing experience. Check out the 13 Chrome extensions mentioned below for improving the way you use internet. I hope you will find this post helpful and don’t forget to share your valuable feedback below in the comment box.  Keep sharing this post on your social media platform and subscribe my blog for more interesting articles and updates.

13 Chrome Extensions

Google Mail Checker 

Google mail checker is a wonderful extension for those who send and receive Email regularly. This function is simple to carry out. It shows the number of unread texts in your inbox. You don’t need to click and check that how many messages you have not read. Google mail checker will do this for you. Download Google Mail Checker Extension

google mail checker

Panic Button to Hide all The Tabs

One of the exciting chrome extensions in Google is the panic button. It works by hiding all the tabs in a single click. This function is so helpful for those who want to hide from their friends and family members all the open tabs when they are around. You need not to quit from chrome but just pressing the panic button. In this way, it helps you to separate the opened websites even when you want to hide the tabs.  You can easily restore the tabs and get back into your work. Download Panic Button Extension


Language Immersion to Learn a New Language

If you want to practice a new language along with web browsing, you can use the language immersion extension in chrome. It works by immersing the words of another language in your main language. It switches random words from English to another language. You will be able to see those words again in English just by clicking on those words.  This is how you can practice a new language passively.Download Language Impression Chrome Extension

language impression chrome extension

Pocket Chrome Extension for Readers

Developing a habit of reading is a good idea to make yourself intellectually smart. If you are in hurry while browsing webs and don’t have enough time to read an article that you liked; you can save the article to read it later on your device. You just need to hit the pocket extension and the article will be saved in your pocket queue. Then, you would have access to the article from your phone, laptop or computer any time. Download Pocket Chrome Extension

pocket chrome extension

Honey Extension For Coupons

One more good extension which can make your experience of using Google Chrome interesting is the honey extension. It helps you to search for coupon codes when you are online. Honey button works by scouring the web when clicked upon it. Further, it applies coupon codes to your shopping cart. Who will not like to earn some free money kind of deal? Download Honey Chrome Extension


Block Ads with Adblock Plus

Are you fed up of watching ads while browsing the web if yes, Adblock Plus is a reliable Google chrome extension for blocking ads. It works by avoiding the things which annoy you such as banner ads and pop ups. This will completely change your experience of web browsing as you might have become habitual of watching pop-ups and ads which terribly annoy while browsing webs. You should also take care of adding those websites to white list which you think don’t have an intruding ad experience. Adblock also works on Opera, Firefox and Safari. Download Adblock Plus Extension.


Simple Blocker to Focus

Are you fed up of Facebook or Twitter notifications while working? If you are a kind of person who becomes easily distracted by social networking sites, you should use this chrome extension for blocking Facebook and Twitter.  Simple blocker has been designed for students and professionals who want to focus upon their work. This will enhance your productivity by avoiding disturbance while working. Download Simple Blocker Chrome Extension

Remote Desktop For Easy Access

Google Chrome remote desktop extension offers a magical ability to users to access to another computer from your computer. Just think about the facility of accessing to your office’s computer when you have left an important file there. The remote desktop extension helps you to grab the files from a computer located far from you. Moreover, you can share the screen with someone experience if you have any problem. Download Remote Desktop Chrome Extension 


Chrome to Mobile

How about taking your work with you while leaving your office? This is the easiest way to have access to your official work. This extension works by taking you to live webpages and replicates your desktop on your smartphone. Also, it performs this function offline if you want to get your stuff in a dead zone.  It can help you saving your time that you would have to spend in the office to work on important files. Download Chrome To mobile Extension

Search by Image for Weird Photos

Many times, some weird picture catches your eye while browsing the website, right? Well, you can identify that weird image through search by image chrome extension. It allows you to search the picture online and find out everything about it in the web. This extension helps you in the identification of unfamiliar landmark and location. Download Search By Image Chrome Extension

Mighty Text to Text your Friends

Mighty text allows you to text your friends without reaching for your phone. It works in the same manner like iMessage works for Mac users. This chrome extension notifies you every time you receive a message. Before this exciting extension, communication from your computer to android phones was not simple. Download Mighty text Chrome Extension



Writers find it tough to check out grammatical errors in their write-up. To deal with this problem, grammarly is an excellent chrome extension. Now, you don’t need to think again before sending an Email to your boss. Just use grammarly extension to eliminate errors from your contents. This extension works by looking for misspellings and improving the quality of your write-ups. Same is true about updating any post in social media.Click here to read about Grammarly Review and their benefits.


So, here are those 13 chrome extensions which can change your experience of using Google Chrome. These chrome extensions will help you to improve your reading, writing and intellectual skills. also, they improve your experience of web browsing.

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