Review – Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard

Review – Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard

Keyboards are probably the most basic aspect of computing to input data into the computer which is used by almost everybody for decades. But the keyboard though might look almost the same as it did 20 years ago, has also undergone some serious technological advancements to make it an innovative component of the overall computer. There are innovative companies today selling top design keyboards at affordable prices. One of such products is the Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard. This keyboard has many features to help access the computer better and also provide great usability to the customer. The Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard is a great keyboard that costs less than Rs.500 and gives some top of the line features. The following are some product details of the Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard. Also you can find some more interesting gadgets under rs.500, I am damn sure you will definitely fall in love with these affordable gadgets.

Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard – Features

Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard Computergeekblog

  • The Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard has spill resistant keyboard design. Keeping a cool drink near the keyboard or a hot beverage is something most of us do one time or the other while using the computer. Spilling a drink on the keyboard can mean literally ruining the keyboard. By using this Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard which is spill resistant, this threat is nullified and keyboard will run even in an eventuality of spillage.
  • This keyboard comes with a 1 year warranty. This means that the manufacturers of this product have guarantee in their product to give the customers this safety net.

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  • The Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard comes with special shortcut keys that will help make the keyboard experience more user friendly for the users. The keyboard comes with Instant One Touch Multimedia keys to give direct access to multimedia functions on the keyboard. It also comes with shortcut internet keys to directly access the internet. This limits the process of accessing the internet and is a great help to make the system more user friendly.
  • A great feature of the Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard is it provides a soft key feel to the users. The keyboard is designed in such a way that the keystrokes are noiseless and smooth which helps give the keyboard users a more calm and easy keyboard typing experience.
  • We use keyboards a lot while computing and we tend to use the same keyboards for quite a while. After a while the basic problem is the key letters start fading and it is difficult to understand what one is typing. The Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard has special UV coated keys to avoid letter and numbers on the keys of the keyboard to fade away.
  • The Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard has a unique and stylish design with colored keys for special functions to improve the user experience while using this keyboard. The keyboard comes in sleek black design with special keys in orange or blue colors depending on the customer’s choice.

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The Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard is a great gadget choice at an affordable price that comes with a large variety of functions and great design with innovative features.

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