Top 10 Features of a Good Android Tracking Software
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Top 10 Features of a Good Android Tracking Software

If you have ever googled android monitoring or tracking software you will see a whole list of apps that support such functionality. The question is what are the few essential features that every good app should have? In this article, we will look at the top 10 features that an Android tracking software such as xnspy should have, and give a brief description of the feature as well. Let’s get started.

Android Tracking Software

Call Monitoring and Tracking:

First of all, no spy app would be complete if it does not have the functionality to show the name or number of the caller, the date-time stamp, and the duration; it should show a complete record of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The cherry on top would be that it would offer call recording that is where the actual monitoring comes in.

SMS Messages Tracking and Monitoring:

The ability of the app to show, and allow the app user to remotely read, the incoming and outgoing SMS, along with the date-time stamp and the name or number from which it was either received or sent to, is another basic feature that such software should have.

IM Chat Support:

Given the number and popularity of IM chats, it is important that the spy app has the functionality to monitor them. The app user should be able to view and read chats, with complete details, from different IM services such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, KIK, etc. It should also be able to allow viewing of any received file through the IM chat service, on your Android device, such as pictures and videos, otherwise it cannot be considered a comprehensive Android spy software.

Email Spying:

Email spying functionality is an essential feature as well, being able to remotely view and read the Gmail account of an Android device is priceless.

Contact Monitoring:

Being able to see the contacts on a device and view any information related to them that has been saved on the target device, is another basic functionality that any decent monitoring device would be incomplete without.

Calendar Entries:

Most apps provide the function of checking appointments and schedules that have been set up as Calendar entries in the target device. From doctor’s appointments, business appointments, and/or personal appointments and dates, anything and everything that has been entered should be visible with complete details.

Photos and Videos:

The Android app should have the capability to provide the app user with access to stored photos and videos on the target device. Not only the photos and videos received by IM Chats or MMS but also the ones that have been received via Bluetooth and other data transmission methods; pictures taken via the camera(s) of the device should also be displayed.


Being able to view the Internet activities on a target device is another important feature. Browser history from all installed browsers and bookmarks as well should be accessible to the app user. It would not make sense if the Android tracking software does not have this functionality.

Location History:

This is a very powerful tracking feature and should be included in every good spy app. Although for it to give precise locations a device with a GPS system is essential, otherwise relative positioning on a map can be given through Wi-Fi and the cellular service provider’s Internet connectivity. This feature allows the app user to see where the device has been. A powerful sub-feature of location tracking is usually present as well, called Geo-fencing it gives the app user to mention certain locations that if the target device enters a notification is sent to the app user regarding it.

Alerts and Watchlists:

Another set of powerful functions, alerts, and watchlists allow the app user to set up certain conditions, which when fulfilled, trigger an alert notification that is sent to the app user. For example, the Geo-fencing feature previously mentioned can also be considered a part of this functionality. Watch lists can be set up for contacts so that when a certain person is called or calls on the target device, a notification is sent to the app user. Besides this, watch-lists can be set up for certain words, which if received or sent via either SMS, IM Chats and/or email an alert is triggered.


We have mentioned the Top 10 Features of a Good Android Tracking Software, although they might have more, the ones mentioned above are the essentials. To further elaborate we will use xnspy as an example, we chose this since it not only has the features mentioned above, but has something that is very important as well, and that is a small footprint. Being small in size it does not take up much space and runs in stealth mode right from the start. It uses up very little RAM and does not drain the battery, which complements its stealth capability as it does not slow down the device. Besides these features, the app is reasonably priced and gives diverse payment options and packages both add to its value-for-money. For more features we recommend that you visit their website here. We hope you found this article helpful and enlightening.

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