BenchMark VS GetResponse Overall Comparison

BenchMark VS GetResponse Overall Comparison

When it comes down to E-mail marketing, it’s one hell of a confusion right now. There are so many tools out there, that it’s just not practical for you to choose one over other, without regretting one thing or the other, because only after finalizing the platform, you come to know “Ah duh, I should’ve gone with that other one” .

So, to make your task easier, today I’m comparing two E-mail marketing giants here for you, in this review. BenchMark VS GetResponse.

It’s not fair for me to say “Go with benchmark”, or “Getresponse is better than benchmark”, straightaway, right? Ofcourse you’ll have my final verdict but that’s after I’ve compared the features, services and other important aspects of both of these tools for you.

BenchMark VS GetResponse

Live Inbox Preview

inbox Preview

It’s of utmost importance for an E-mail marketer to know what your product looks like, before actually sending it out in the market, right?

Meaning, when you’re creating your E-mail template, you need to know how it’s looking, that’s the only way to ensure the best results, and 0 errors, right?

Well this is clearly something that Benchmark doesn’t have, and that’s the reason of me including it here, that, inspite of it’s so many advanced features, this is something benchmark lacks, and it’s a “big-duh” point as far as I am concerned.

While GetResponse allows and offers you a Live Preview of how your E-mail template is going to look once it’s in your subscribers’ inboxes. So i’m definitely voting for Getresponse as far as “now” in concerned.

E-mail Templates

landing page

You get 500+ pre-designed Email templates with GetResponse, and you can use them directly as they’re already designed by professionals, so all you need to do is customize and send them out.

While, the number is pretty low when it comes to Benchmark, and  the templates aren’t as professional as I’m getting with Getresponse.

Auto Responders:-

When you’re talking about E-mail marketing, you just can’t forget the contributions of AutoResponders, right?

I mean, they’re the heart and soul of your Marketing campaign. 

Well, this is again another aspect where you’re going to get an edge with Getresponse compared to benchmark.

GetResponse comes with Autoresponders 2.0 which is slightly more advanced than benchmark’s autoresponders .

Additionally, GetResponse let’s you trigger Action and Event based auto-emails. Meaning it sends automatic e-mails based on a certain action by the user. For eg. maybe a click somewhere, or something of that sort. In short, it’s a pretty advanced feature, but you’re just missing this out with benchmark.

Email Forms:-

 Both BenchMark and Getresponse offer you different kind of forms for your needs.

But even here, I found Getresponse to be more “advanced” compared to Benchmark. GetResponse offers you a form for almost any kind of need, be it Sales, a Thankyou thing or just a sign up form.

Well, that is somewhat restricted, and limited as far as Benchmark is concerned. It surely has forms, but not as diverse and varied as GetResponse.

Webinar Pages

GR WEbinar

This is, something that’s like, too freaking awesome for me, and this is something what Benchmark lacks, again !

Webinars are one of the greatest things that can just hike up your e-mail  list beyond imagination. I’ve personally seen a 400%+ increase in subscribers’ list everytime I host a webinar.

And guess what? GetResponse let’s you create Webinar pages, from inside of GetResponse itself, while Benchmark has no such feature !

And it doesn’t end there either ! The webinar pages with GetResponse are advanced enough that you can include time stamps, animated countdown things and what not, all from inside of GetResponse itself, but you clearly don’t have the slightest probability of that thing with Benchmark.

A/B Testing

You just can’t improve unless you know what’s working and what’s not

And well, in order to know which version of your E-mail works better, you just have to have A/B testing campaigns right? It’s just one of the easiest, and strategically proven ways to increase your overall conversion rate, for just about anything.

Well, you get the A/B testing feature with both the platforms, no worries about that. But even here you get to A/B test only the subject lines with Benchmark, while you can literally test anything and everything with GetResponse. 

So, do I need to announce the winner of this section? I think you already figured that out!

Landing Pages

GR landing pages

I’m bolding that out, definitely.

I mean, how can you ever think of a successful marketing campaign without landing pages? “Good , User Optimized, potentially convertible landing pages” to be specific.

Well, GetResponse offers you one of the most advanced landing page builders in the industry. It has a Drag&Drop landing page builder, that let’s you build your landing page in couple minutes, and that to without ever touching a line of code.

Not just that, all it’s landing pages are totally responsive, meaning you don’t have to worry about the page messing itself up on a cell of tablet device.

And it has over 100+ different landing page templates ! Meaning, no matter what you need the page for, you can get it done with GetResponse.

And the best part is, with Getresponse you don’t even need a third-party Email tool, you can create the landing page and then link it up with your Getresponse itself to have a fully functional, super advanced landing page ready in minutes.

While, this feature just doesn’t exist with Benchmark, as it’s an e-mail only platform.


After you’ve done everything, the last thing that remains is, calculate if it fits in your budget.

Let me make your task easier here.

I won’t go into technicality and make things complicated for you, instead I’m just listing it out simply here alright?

With Benchmark, you have to pay $18/month for  1000 subscribers!

benchmark pricing

Well, guess what, you’ve to pay only $15/ mo to GetResponse, for the same number of subscribers. Meaning, you’re clearly getting it $3/mo cheaper at GetResponse compared to benchmark.

And additionally, keeping in mind that GetResponse has a lot, and I repeat A lot more features compared to Benchmark, so why pay the extra $3 every month?

Final Verdict:-

Okay so that was about it folks, well after all that experience, and writing it all down, if you ask me which one I’d go with.

I’d boldly say, GetResponse is the thing to go for. Cause literally, I’m getting An Advanced autoresponders, Landing pages, Webinar Pages, and better A/B tests with GetResponse.

Also, I need to pay $3/month less if I go with GetResponse, and in return I’m being offered better service.

So yes, I’d say go out and grab your 30day free trial with Getresponse right now.

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