Best iPhone Apps for Visually Impaired People
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Best iPhone Apps for Visually Impaired People

Best 7 iPhone Apps designed to assist the Blind & Visually Impaired People

Nothing can eliminate the challenge of being visually impaired. Though many organizations are trying hard to help those who are suffering because of blindness or low vision, but there are still major things to do. Thankfully, there are some applications available for the vision impaired iPhone users that can help them to some extent and increase independence.

The built-in screen reader (VoiceOver) in iPhone is an incredible feature which supports apps that convert what the camera sees into information and help the users in execution of tasks that are challenging to perform without vision. Listed below are some of the innovative and essential top iPhone Apps that are built specifically to assist Visually Impaired and blind people. One can use these apps to make their everyday tasks easier.

Top iPhone Apps

Top iPhone Apps 

Ariadne GPS

The first thing that challenges a visually impaired person the most is the fear of getting lost in the street. But, if s/he is using Ariadne GPS while travelling alone, s/he can never get rid of that anxiety. Ariadne GPS is the best GPS app that a visually impaired person can have. It constantly updates a person whenever he/she crosses a street by vibrating. Blind and visual impaired users can also set their favorite places and the application will guide them whenever they call that place’s name. All this functionalities come at a price and for this you will have to spend $5.99.

Download: Paid (Check it Out)


Voice is a free best iPhone apps developed by Shalin Shah. It can scan text from any image whether a medical form or a restaurant menu and reads it aloud. This is an easy to use iPhone app that lets you listen to all the books, magazines or documents. Visually impaired people can take an image of anything and read the text from it in a matter of seconds. Voice app can detect and read in over 30 different languages. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of this app gives comparable services like the paid ones.

Download: Free (Check it Out)

List Recorder

List Recorder is a feature-rich application developed by Sixth Mode Solutions. It helps one to record and make lists with a powerful yet easy to use audio recorder. So you can quickly jot down and organize information in the form of audio, text or both. List Recorder integrates well with VoiceOver and Braille displays. It can be paused and continued by simply tilting the iPhone. One can go for the full version for $7.99 as an in-app purchase. The feature list of List Recorder includes level meter, optional stereo with choice of recording formats. The easy navigation feature with taps and tilts is truly amazing.

Download: Paid (Check it Out)

LookTel Money Reader

Another major challenge faced by blind people is recognition of the paper notes. Yes, they can easily recognize the currency coins but they have a hard time doing the same with currency notes. For that, a visually impaired person can easily buy the LookTel application which costs $9.99 and for an application it is a bit expensive. But this application will help a visually impaired person in identifying the currency notes as all they have to do is point the camera at it and it will speak out the currency. LookTel Money Reader also has multi- lingual support.

Download: Paid (Check it Out)

Color ID Free

Being visually impaired is a tough challenge but now technology is here to make it easy and Color ID Free is one such example of it. Color ID free will tell you the color of the object that a visually impaired person points at. They no longer have to wear something which doesn’t go together or they can wear the latest fashion and be confident in this department.

Download: Free (Check it Out)

Curb – The Taxi App

Everybody uses taxis in day to day life and that is why booking a taxi for visually impaired person should be easier as well and that is why Curb application blends in quite well at this point. Curb automatically books a taxi for a visually impaired person and all it needs is a few taps on the screen. Curb has spread its wings in over 4000 cities and it is still growing.

Download: Free (Check it Out)

Voice Brief

A visually impaired person can now have important emails or reminders or notes in his or her iPhone. To solve the problem of reading, the Voice Brief application has been launched at $1.99. It will read all your emails, Facebook notifications, Twitter feeds and much more.

Download: Paid (Check it Out)

The above list does not include any entertainment apps as it is intended to highlight those essential best iphone apps which offer functionalities to make everyday life easier. Do you know about any other application that can aid a visually challenged person? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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