How I Find Blog ideas that Creates Backlinks
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How I Find Blog ideas that Creates Backlinks

Getting backlinks is a very big advantage for increasing site ranking on search engines. Even bloggers who have years of experience finds it very tough to get proper and quality backlinks. No matter how good ideas you or your content writer selects, you still fail to create backlinks.

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In this article, I will provide you with ways to produce great blog posts by using some simple tips and tricks or tools.

So let’s not waste anymore time in the introductory part and get started with productivity.

  1. Quora

The simplest tool which you might find in almost every article about creating good blog posts to attract backlinks is Quora. Quora is simply the goldmine for finding great ideas for blog posts and keywords too.

Let’s talk about how to utilize Quora to create good blog posts that can improve your backlinks, let’s get started. Read my new post about how to create a blog.

Head over to Quora.

Once you are all setup with your Quora account, here is mine Quora account, search for a topic which you are interested in writing about.


In the iteration above, I have searched for content marketing. Also you can find top content marketing tools for 2016.

In the results, some questions related to content marketing have appeared.

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What you have to do now is that find the question which has the most followers. The question which has the most followers is obviously being searched by many people and can bring traffic to your Website as it is asked my many people; it’s a commonly-searched query.

There it is; the topic which can be composed into a high quality article for bringing traffic.

Now if you create an article on the question with easily understandable answers, you will get visitors.  Even there is a chance that you will get backlinks if your content is uniquely described in a better way than the other articles; on the same topic.

Now, if you decide to create content on the question, you must answer the original question on Quora and attach the link back to your site.

By doing so, you will get traffic to the content you created and other bloggers might give backlinks to you if your content is worth it.

  1. Take help from the God of Internet, Google

You know there is no other thing which can help you in your life more than Google. Even when experts don’t have answers, you are just some clicks away to solve the biggest queries of the world, with the help of Google.

Now if you are thinking that how can Google help you in creating Blog Posts with a possibility to attract backlinks, read on to know more about the tricks of Google.

Let’s get started.

Experts and their research have said that following are the categories of content that are shared most among the Webmasters.

  • Infographics
  • Ultimate Guides
  • List Posts
  • Case Studies

Now before I get started with the tricks of Google, install Ahrefs Toolbar for your browser.

Now, if you are wondering what is Ahrefs Toolbar, it’s the biggest database collection for backlinks. The small tool displays the number of backlinks that are associated with a webpage or the search results.

Keep reading and you will get it.

  • Finding Infographics Ideas:

Google Your Keyword + “Infographic”

The search form will provide you all the top Infographics in your category.


Now the Ahrefs Toolbar will come in handy, you can view the backlinks of the search results you have on your screen. An example has been shown above.

Now you can pick up a topic which has the most backlinks, and if you are able to create better content than the original, your article will rank higher and you will attract more traffic and backlinks.

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You can search for a combination of multiple keywords for better results.

For an example, if you want to write about Blogging and SEO, you can search,

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Blogging OR SEO + “Infographic”

This will return the top results which are related to either Blogging or SEO. You can search for as many keywords as you want by using the ‘OR’ operator.

  • Ultimate Guides

The newbie bloggers majorly search for guides to creating good quality blogs and SEO posts. So if you create content related to a guide, you can attract huge traffic and backlinks.

The one thing you have to do to achieve that is to rank higher than the best guide to your keyword.

For example, if you are creating a guide for Blogging OR SEO and want to check out the most visited guide; just search the following term,

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Blogging OR SEO + “ultimate guide”


That will bring you the most visited guides related to your keywords. As you can see above, you have to just search for

Keyword1 OR Keyword2 + “Ultimate Guide”

Though, you can replace the word ‘Ultimate’ with Best, Complete, Definitive, etc for more search results.

Now just analyze the search results with the help of Ahrefs Toolbar, come up with a great and unique idea, create a great blog post, try to keep it better than the original, promote it efficiently and get huge traffic and attract backlinks.

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  • List Posts

If you want to create a list of something, you can definitely use this Google search trick.


As you can see in the above iteration, you have to just search your keyword along with “* list”. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard character used in databases that match any text before the word following it, which here is ‘list’.

With this tips and tricks, you can find the entire top performing list content related to your keyword.

Now analyze them with the help of Ahrefs Toolbar and pick a topic that has good backlinks and has uniqueness.

Create your own list on the topic and keep it better than the original so that your post rank higher and bring more traffic and backlinks.

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  • Case Studies

Just include “Case Study” in your query followed by your keyword, just like the methods I have used before.

An Example:



Keyword1 OR Keyword2 + “case study”

Now use the Ahrefs Toolbar just like before, select a unique topic, and create better content to rank higher.

  1. Publish Interviews and Round-ups

Now, you might be wondering that how can Interviews drive backlinks to your Website, aren’t you? Well, that’s true; Interviews and Round-ups can create guaranteed backlinks to your Website.

Let’s talk about how to do it.

First of all, find a famous person or blogger to interview, who posts links to all of their interviews on their Website.

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For example, above is a screenshot of Erik Emanuelli’s Website. He posts links to all of his interviews on his about page.

So that means if you interview Erik Emanuelli you will get a backlink from his Website.

Isn’t that simple? Yes. Go on and find people to interview, and get easy backlinks.

  1. Broken Link Building

Broken Links are pages on Websites which are either dead or not working. You can find broken links on popular Websites and report the webmaster about them.

Once you find the broken link, you can create content about the same topic on your Website and ask the webmaster to give you a resource backlink.

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But the tough thing is to find broken links on famous blogs. There are some tools which you can use to find broken links. You can use extensions like Check My Links.

Now if you report broken links to Webmasters, they won’t mind giving you backlinks as you helped them with their Website.

For a detailed info about this method, you can read this article by Anil Agarwal.

  1. Scan the headlines

There are plenty of blogs, RSS readers, content curation sites, and blog aggregators that collect the best articles on a niche from the web.

You just need to read the topics and you can create a unique idea for a combined blog post from the curated content. If you are able to create good content, you can attract huge traffic and even some bloggers which will create backlinks to your Website.

Below are some of the best Websites to find content ideas like this:

  • Alltop
  • Flipboard
  • it
  • Pinterest boards
  • Feedly
  • Blog communities
  • Twitter hashtags

Just type in the keyword you are interested in writing about, and you will get great content ideas.

Though, for Twitter, just type in your keyword in the search box.


Now just analyze the tweets with great engagement, and you are ready to go, you have new ideas for your content.

  1. Ask your readers

Now if you have a good email list of readers, you can directly ask them “What are you struggling with?” or “What do you expect from our blog?”

If you have an email list of 2000, and you get 2% response. You have 40 new blog content ideas.

Make a list of all the ideas you get and create content on them time by time.

Creating blog posts about what the readers are struggling with is really a great idea to get backlinks as that kind of content might not be available in much detail on the web. It can attract huge traffic too.

  1. Browse Forums and Communities

I started this article by suggesting you to visit the question and answer website Quora. Now that you have gone through every other technique, the one evergreen tip I can suggest you is to visit Forums and Communities.

From there you can know what people are struggling with the most. Once you figure out what the web needs in your niche, you can create high quality content to help the readers.

You can combine many ideas into a single article. And you can promote your content in the same Forums and Communities which will attract huge traffic and might give you some backlinks if your content is good and unique.

You can also join some of the social communities which are related to your niche on Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. You can interact with other members for new ideas.

The last but not the least tip is to use Disqus. Disqus community is used by many famous websites as their commenting system. You can browse threads and discussions related to your niche and create new content by analyzing what questions are asked by the people most.

I hope you liked my guide

These were some of the best ideas to traffic magnet content. I suggest you to maintain an ideal file in which you can store ideas you come through in your day to day life so you never run out of ideas to create content for your blogs and websites.

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