Blogging & Making Money Can Go Hand in Hand
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Blogging & Making Money Can Go Hand in Hand

Previously, blogging was just another site like Facebook where people used to update their opinions and feelings, experiences and stories. But gradually blogging and blogs transformed into informative sites and blogging soon got professionalized. There are many people around to whom blogging is a passion and they have been into blogging for many years. You can find top bloggers list. On the other hand, there are people who had taken great interest in blogging initially. But later, at some point of time they got bored and left it. Also, there are still some people who are into blogging and they are so passionate about the said activity that they spend a huge amount of time on blogging and even if they are writing their thousand posts on the blog, they feel the charm and excitement of writing their very first post on their blog.

Blogging For Money

Well, people have found their ways into making money by blogging and one should not miss this chance. People have started making good deals of income from blogging to an extent that they have opted blogging as their full time profession. Professional bloggers earn money easily through blogs. It should well be remembered that time is money and the time you invest on blogging should to be worthy enough to get a few notes in your pocket. Money plays a major role in our everyday life and blogging without earning is sacrificing the opportunity of getting money, it is like a part-time job where you don’t get paid satisfactorily. Hence, a person who has the passion for blogging should be aware of the ways in which he or she can incorporate a source of income through this passion.

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Starting a blog

Blogging is a very easy job for a person who loves to write. If you are interested in writing and expressing your views and if this can benefit people or make them think or add values to their life, you are good to go.

You should possess that free flow of idea which you can frame into words comprehendible to the people. To put it in simple words, you are a good blogger if your words and views reach out to the minds of the people without your actions.

It is very important to find out the alcove of your blog. The alcove refers to the subject of your blog about which you have thorough knowledge and about which you can enlighten the readers. It may also be called the niche of your blog.

Before going into that, you must know that before blogging, you should be ready to make and initial investment to make things work out well and that is worth it. Coming back to the alcove, people generally find it difficult to realize the topic about which they have the maximum amount of knowledge.

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They confuse themselves with the wrong choice and end up writing about something about which their knowledge is so limited that even after exaggerating the relevant points, they hardly last five posts. It is considered that writing a blog about a single topic is more significant from the search engine point of view rather than spreading your knowledge on multiple topics.

You should always opt for choosing a topic about which you can confidently state that there is no better person who possesses the knowledge about the topic. It could preferably be the topic about which you read or work on and have the hold of the knowledge and you can advice people on them. Being sure about the alcove is the very first thing a blogger should do before starting his or her new blog.

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Choosing the right blogging platform

There are a multifarious options present before you to choose the platform for blogging. But to get the hang of it, one should start blogging with the platform called and get used to blogging. Today’s top bloggers have stated that they had started blogging first on the Once you get used to it, you can try various other platforms easily. You should remain in the testing period of blogging and read blogs by other writers to enhance your skills and knowledge about various blogs and how to put things differently into place.

Once you are done with the testing period, you can readily use other blogging sites and vouch for doing something consequential. Enroll yourself for the WordPress blog. People commonly confuse themselves without seeing the difference between and a wordpress blog. WordPress blog is self hosted and it is exactly what you need. You need to install WordPress on the hosting and get a domain.

The name of the blog you write is a very critical and essential part for your success and the success of the blog. Getting a domain name is an important task too. The URL that will be used by a person to visit your blog is the domain name.

When one starts a blog on WordPress or Blogspot, one gets a domain name such as or One needs to pay for a custom domain name.

Apart from all these, one should focus more on the name. You should always choose .com extension. Your domain name should be such that it is easy to pronounce and not much difficult to type. Make it simple and to the point. There is no use in confusing listeners. If you have thought of creating a blog for a long term purpose, it is considered a good idea to use a domain name which is branded. It does not have to have a meaning but should be easy to remember. On the other hand, if you are thinking to craft a blog with the single purpose to make money and you are uncertain about the long-term goals, you should pick a domain name rich in keyword.

You may try putting the keyword as the first name and follow it with a suffix. There are various tools which can help you generate a domain name. It is your blog after all. You should be creative enough to find a name. But you should always avoid using your own name as a name of the blog. It takes away the professional look of the blog and hinder in the growth of the blog with no attraction from the global audience. A domain name should not be too long. And be very selective while choosing the platform for the blog.

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Use Webhosting

When you have crossed the baby stage of blogging on a free blogging site, you should choose to shift to a platform that is self hosted. Self hosted platform means you have to install the blog on your own server. This will provide you more control over your blog and you will hold all responsibilities of your action of the blog. There are many sites that provides hosting packages and charge affordable sums of money.

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Framing your blog

Setting up your blog is very important and crucial to the branding and popularity of the blog. You should be well acquainted of the little tricks to owning a well-framed and well-set up blog. The most important part of setting up the blog is its content. The content should be self-explanatory and well-arranged. Haphazard display of the content leads to the decrease in the readership of the blog.

The content should be easy to understand and quickly decipherable. The content should answer all the probable questions that can rise to the reader’s mind while going through the blog. Thus, it is very mandatory for the writer of the blog to think clearly and arrange his contents systematically. He should note what the probable questions are that can pop up in a reader’s mind.

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Also, the design is very important. It should catch hold of the attention of the reader. You should try using the plug-ins and add a few important pages to the blog.

Making money with advertisements on your blog

AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog. Put up ads for a few companies on your blog and get cash in your account. Initially, try to maintain a low number of advertisements on your blog. You can increase the count gradually. But you should be aware of the fact that too many ads decrease the readership and it is very important to keep hold of the readership and not lose a large amount of readers.

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Therefore, be judicious while putting up advertisements. There are also other options such as Infolinks, BuySellAds, OIO publisher etc.

Keeping up the readership and improvement of the blog

Keeping up the readership is very important for a blog. It is mandatory to cater to the choices of the people. Detailing of the blog is a necessity too. The popularity of the blog is the key to your success. You should learn to improve your blog. With a decrease in leadership, you should always ask why your blog is lagging behind and work on the deficits.

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