Blogging Tips to Make You A Professional Blogger
Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips to Make You A Professional Blogger

5 Uncliched Blogging Tips that must not Slip Your Mind

Do you want to have a blog people are waiting to read new posts? If your answer is a ‘Yes’, then you have found the right spot.

I am very well aware of the tons of blog posts available on the web, that deal with uncountable and clichéd blogging tips. I promise you, this will not be one among them.

Note: – You should keep your event blogging or such short term things aside before going through the rest. The whole article is intended for long term blogs, which can have the potential to be a brand.

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Blogging Tips You should Always Remember

As I said earlier, you can get hundreds of blog posts featuring the same info in different tones on the web. So I am going to focus on things that were written very few times. I hope you will find them helpful.

#1. Include Odd Numbers in Your Titles

I hope you are blogging for a while now. So you know the power of listicles (list posts nothing else), don’t you? HubPages once did a study on the number of social shares got for different types of blog posts. They took top ten business blogs for the same. The result is as follows.

blogging tips computergeekblog

That’s why you should create more list posts often. Then, what’s the big thing about the odd number?

Content Marketing Institute in one of their blog posts revealed that the list posts with odd numbers in it get 20% more CTR (Click Through Rate) than those with even numbers.

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If we take the scientific approach, the brain can’t process more than nine things at a time. And we all know that lengthy content does well on SERPs. So, that’s the reason most of the popular blogs include ‘9′ in their article title.

And what do you think when you happen to see a ‘top 10’ list? Most of the people believe that a point is added or trimmed out to keep them ten. So such a thought does not cross readers mind with an odd number.

#2. Turn Your Blog Posts Upside Down

Don’t get me wrong! I just mean to STRUCTURE your blog posts upside down so that your visitors will get time to engage without reaching the end.

It can be done in many ways. You can put a poll at the beginning of the blog post. And, make sure that your title reflects the question. For example for poll between hard disks and SSDs, you can title the article as ‘HD or SSD; Which One You Use?’. I am pretty sure that more than 80% of your visitors will answer this question.

Install WP Polls plugin to create polls within no time on your WordPress blogs.

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Or, you can give your audience a chance for self-promotion. For that, just ask to tell about the motive of their blog and scribble the same in the comment form.

Darren Rowse has got some more info to increase user engagement.

#3. Steal Your Paid Competitors

I know it sounds weird. But read the rest before you judge.

Steve Jobs once said, “good artists copy; great artists steal.” I want to add that ‘great artists copy and improvise.’

If you are targeting a commercial keyword, chances are great to get good search engine ranking with the help of your competitors.

Suppose I have a blog for which the primary keyword is ‘buy specs online.’ I did a Google search for the exact keyword.

blogging tips computergeekblog 4

See, the first two results are advertisements. From the meta description of the very first result, I can filter out a bunch of keywords and article ideas.

You want me to list them? Here you go.

#1. 5 websites with Cash on Delivery to Buy Specs Online

#2. 7 Places where You can Buy Wayfarer Specs Online

The possibilities are infinite if you combine the words suitably.

Now, you may have a question. Why did I say to steal from paid competitors and went blind towards other regular sites? It’s simply because ads are intended to make more conversion as most of the ad copies get cooked by professional hands.

#4. Know the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts

Sometimes we promote coupons and promo codes via our blog, that do not last long. So, your intention here is to bring a lot of people to use your code to buy things so that you will get an affiliate commission.

blogging tips computergeekblog 5

In such a case, you should publish them at the right time when most of the readers are active. A study conducted by TrackMaven revealed two of their best publishing times.

The fact about 10-11 PM is the same in my case as well. A large percentage of my website visitors are blog owners. If you have a blog, you know that we work late in the night.

I can’t swear whether this data is accurate or not in your case. Still, you can find the right time by experimenting with it.

#5. Embrace Controversy

Do I sound nonsensical? If you want to take your blog to next level and skyrocket the number of audiences, you should try this out.

The image below depicts the enormous number of Karmas got for controversial Reddit posts.

blogging tips computergeekblog 6

People are always inclined towards controversy. You might have already noticed that controversial content gets tremendous attention abruptly. But make sure you have strong points to stand firm on your opinion. Or else, anyone can challenge even your online existence with their sheer facts.

Want a sample topic? What about ‘You must Ignore SEO, here’s Why’. (It’s just a simple subject that came to my mind at once. You can go for something even better).

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Bottom Line

I hope you haven’t read any clichéd blogging tip as I tried my best to come up with unique ones that didn’t get many eyeballs to go through.

You are free to add your own tips using the comment form down below. I will update the post with your name as the contributor.

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