Brain Booster Apps for Students!
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Brain Booster Apps for Students!

Brain Booster Apps

Are you a Student? Probably you are, or else you wouldn’t have landed on this page. So, welcome. I know who you are, (Don’t get freaked, it’s just an expression! ) and I know what you’ve to go through daily.

Now, you might be a Geek too. Well, there are two kind of geeks. One, who just waste their time on technology, and feel proud, or a sense of modernity maybe. While the other kind is a comparatively more smarter one, they know how to utilize their time, with the technological advancements and not just waste it.

Now, if you’re the second type, you’re most welcome to continue reading this post, and if you’re from the first type, probably it’s time you changed your attitude.

In this article over here today, I’m listing the Top Apps, that will just over turn your student life in a way or another.

No, it’s no magical lamp that will just get you good marks ! It’s just a compilation of apps that will boost your brain, I.Q levels or get you your daily dose of brain exercise  without you actually knowing it.

These apps will not only boost your personality and I.Q, but they can be serious help when you’re trying to get into some real life colleges too, be it the Oxford , Cambridge ( okay, let’s be a little more realistic) or the CMAT 2016 management colleges in Delhi.

Nitro Calculator:-

Ever played NFS? Then I’m pretty sure you know what a Nitro boost is.

Well this app is somewhat similar. It’s a challenge for you to match your speed, with computer programmed calculators ( So probably now you can guess the reason  why the app is called that popularly) .

Well no you don’t actually have to compete with a calculator, but it has some pretty neat tips and tricks that help you make your calculations at lightning fast speed, so over time your calculating power increases without any extra effort !

Maths formulas:-

Well, if you’re a maths Geek, or even a normal student , you’re going to love this one.

This app is just the powerhouse of about every Mathematics formula that exists ! Yes, covering everything from Geometry to trigonometry, it has got everything.

Just take your cell out, pick the category of your formula, and behold ! You’ll have it right on your screen !


Well, the WallStreetJournal calls it the “best'” app to learn more languages ! 

Need I say more? Ofcourse, just English isn’t enough right now. It’s globalization, English is all cool and stuff, but it’s not “enough” that’s for sure.

This super awesome app lets you go beyond your normal vocabulary and learn a lot of other languages including Spanish, Portuguese and what not. And trust me, knowing a lot of languages isn’t just cool, it’s a major personality booster.

Oh yes, it boosts I.Q too, just in case I missed it !

And guess what, it’s 100% free! And it’s even recognized by “the” WIKIPEDIA ! 

Geo Quiz:Brain cafe-

Nope, don’t feel sad if you aren’t the maths of physics kind of guy (Or girl, maybe!).

The world needs a lot of people, who aren’t mathematicians or physicians. And that’s proven by this app made specifically for Geography nerds !

It’s a simple game based program, it has got puzzles and quizzes all related to Geography. Either you master it, or it masters you, in any case you’re winning something, either the game, or the knowledge !

And guess what? It has over 10,000 downloads ! So, it’s pretty “worth going for” app right?


Apps, are cool. Apps, are fast.

And trust me, “cool & fast” is what’s trending right now. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with their tiny little devices called cell phones? And they aren’t just made for calling, right?

Remember those CMAT 2016 management colleges in Delhi I talked about? They have exams, right? Every college does, so well these apps will sharpen your brain and memory skills and probably you can do a bit better in your exams if you do invest some time with the above said apps !

Trust me, it works ! Cell phones aren’t made just for calling , put them to some real use.

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