Classic Build vs. Buy Scenario – What is best for your Company’s Cloud Computing?

Classic Build vs. Buy Scenario – What is best for your Company’s Cloud Computing?

Benefit-of-cloud-computing-2Today’s most modern businesses are extremely fond of advanced technology. New gadgets are not just the coolest, but they’re also the fastest and most advanced – this makes them a great investment. However, when it comes to protecting their digital assets, a lot of companies would rather stick to the classic way of storing data. Only some trust the Cloud. Would you buy a “spot” on an online server and confide that it’s going to keep your essential information safe, or would you say that DVDs and memory sticks are still a much safer option?


Living up to the competition

In a world where most people’s businesses operate in the online environment, staying ahead of the competition can be a real struggle. And yet we’re talking about a battle you can win provided that you have the right weapons. The materialization of cloud computing has opened a lot of doors for smart entrepreneurs out there who believe that there’s more to information than meets the eye. The famous Cloud is now offering creative ways to use IT for business. It allows start-ups to focus more on their clientele and objectives, and less on storing, organizing, and updating softwares to stay safe online. Cloud computing is growing fast, and it’s safe to assume that’s happening because server virtualization make data centre consolidation become a reality.

Just like web services, technology standards have started to become increasingly more appreciated by the corporate sector. There’s an unprecedented computing power happening that companies just can’t refuse. Truth be told, storing data in the classical way takes time, and time is money. Instead of storing information offline where access can pose a real challenge, the Cloud is a lot more accessible. Whenever and from whatever place that data can be accessed by those who have access. That’s why the buy scenario where you spend a certain amount per month for a spot in the cloud is a much better alternative to the classic way of data storage.

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The cloud – a company’s “virtual office”

The cloud gives you an opportunity you can’t refuse – to move from working in an IT bubble into a space where everything you need is right there at your fingertips. Cloud computing is defined as complete service. It offers data storage, application software, computer power, application network bandwidth and online protection, all in a “space” that can be accessed on a needed basis. The services offered are better known as SaaS, or software-a-service. Simply put, it is a way people can use software and computers that trim the need and demand for local operational and infrastructural management.

Be aware of the risks

In spite of the Cloud’s great potential, companies should be aware of the risks too. They should stay alert and acknowledge that we’re talking about a service that’s still in formation. There are many computing offerings out there, and unfortunately not all are safe. ASPs – Application Service Providers – came into being as an efficient way of buying the use of software in the online environment that’s hosted by a third party. The service materialized into SaaS, or the Cloud that we use today. Advantages of Cloud computing is a lot more complex than ASP because it is centered on evolving technology that makes with numerous improvements in bandwidth, tech standards, and security.


Cloud computing for business is critical to online success

The benefits of cloud computing for businesses of all sizes and shapes are becoming clearer and clearer. Take a minute to assess what it can offer as opposed to offline services. First of all, the cloud makes companies be more responsive, more specialized and more connected. It enables them to enter and exit markets efficiently and cost-effectively. Retail businesses for example, have gone online because online shopping is the new hype. For people to buy, websites need space to store hundreds of thousands of products. In addition, those website have to load fast and they have to be secure for people to click on them and trust that it’s safe to make that online purchase.

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Bottom line is companies can’t escape advanced technology. And they shouldn’t run away from it either. The classic built is running a business is long forgotten. Cloud computing has entered the market, and if you want to keep up with the competition you might as well give it a go before you say ‘no’.

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