Top Content Creation Tools for Expert Blogging
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Top Content Creation Tools for Expert Blogging

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Can’t seem to get your blog to take off into the spotlight? Don’t doubt your writing skills just yet. You might just need to reframe your point of view and rethink your strategy.

A good blog isn’t just about the writing. It also all boils down to how well you can present and create your content to an interested audience. Find out how to tap into trends and gather the right type research for you to leverage. It may seem hard to do, but it actually gets easier with the right gear.

Even expert bloggers need tools of their trade to elevate their work. Content creation tools like the ones below will definitely boost your blog’s stats and refine your writing:

1) Grammarly

One of the common pitfalls some online writers experience is a typo or two in the content, or plain poor grammar. No one is perfect – but that’s why online plug-ins like Grammarly exist.

Install Grammarly for free on your browser, and activate it anytime you need to check up on your current composition. The app will immediately detect any typos or grammatical errors you missed, and give suggestions on how you can remedy them.

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2) Hemingway App

Here’s another well-loved app among content editors. Write like the famous Ernest Hemingway with this amazing and intelligent app. The Hemingway App reviews and edits your content and gives you the best advice to write concise and succinct entries.

If you’re having a hard time identifying your own writing no-no’s, the Hemingway App can do it for you. Weed out pesky passive voices and overly embellished statements, and optimize content.

3) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This brilliant innovation from CoSchedule analyzes your headlines to turn them from plain one-liners to eye-catching titles.

Simply enter your current title and get feedback on how well it’s faring based on grammar, structure, and readability. The site runs you through what you can do to improve your headline, or why it’s already interesting as it is. Make sure to give it a go for better content headers.

4) Assignment Masters Content Assistance

Sites like Assignment Masters offer expert writing consultation and editing services to help optimize your content.

Each consultation is fine-tuned to your writing style and preference. Get advice from professional writers and editors who are experienced in the field. Go beyond grammatical errors and structural concerns to highlight the best of your ideas on paper.

5) BuzzSumo

Research is just as essential in the writing and content creation process as the writing itself. Buzzsumo optimizes search content by letting you in on trending topics and keywords.

Type in your keyword of choice to see what sites are using it and how well-received it is by the public. See the stats of each topic through top social networking sites – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

6) Audacity

Want to do podcasts and interviews, but have no idea how to get started? Audacity is then your life saver. This open source audio editor allows the user to create professional audio content for free.

It features live recording and numerous effects you can play around to create amazing content and intesting podcasts. Now, it’s easy to cut, copy, and splice music in formats including WAV, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, etc. with optional libraries supporting M4A, AC3, and WMA formats.

7) Trello

Organizing your schedule can be difficult if you’re too absorbed in work. Make use of schedule organizers like Trello to avoid losing track of your tasks.

Create boards, lists, and set due dates on important tasks. Feel free to customize and improve your visual schedule to feel productive. Check your to-do’s for the day to assess which tasks to prioritize on your writing, and which you’ll need to leave out.

8) Multicolr Search Lab

Need some images to boost your entry’s appeal, but don’t know where to get any high-quality stock photos for free? Try the Multicolr Search lab site.

The great thing about this search engine is that you can choose images based on your color palette of choice and it will search from the millions of Creative Commons images. This site is great for mood and inspirational boards as well as posts that heavily relies on colored themes for visual appeal.

9) Canva

Not that good with Photoshop, but don’t have the time or the budget to hire an expert to lay out your images for you? Canva is a quick fix for image layouting that doesn’t compromise quality.

With pre-made templates and some free images, Canva lets you arrange and design your own output in a user-friendly way any layman can understand. Not all features are for free, though. You might also be required to sign up before being able to upload or download your work, but it’s all worth it.

10) PiktoChart

PiktoChart is another great design generator, especially for posts that need infographics. Since majority of the population are visual learners, infographics will definitely add to your blog’s appeal.

Tap into the potential of visual learners in your audience by giving them a feast for the eyes in an engaging infographic. Much like Canva, PiktoChart lets you create and layout your own output with pre-made templates and designs to ease the hassle of manual layouting for you.

11) Polldaddy

A blog may require to be more dynamic to interest a wider audience. A consistent output of blog posts will satisfy your existing group of followers, but different types of content are welcome any day to pique other people’s interests and widen your reach.

Incorporating some interactive content like surveys and quizzes might boost your views and get more people on your blog. That’s what survey-creator sites like Polldaddy are for. Get to know your readers better through a quiz or a survey in a fun, engaging, and dynamic way.

The Takeaway: Load Up Your Tool Kit!

Don’t be fooled – blogging isn’t an easy business. It goes far beyond writing, and centers more on presentation, content, and relevance to existing trends. You’ll be doing plenty of research, editing, and designing to get the right attention on your blog.

But don’t worry, because there are tools available at your disposal to maximize your blog content creation. Edit posts with a variety of available apps and sites. Fine-tune your research with a few online search hacks. Keep track of tasks with scheduling devices. Look for high-quality images and easily layout your own creations with the help of free websites with existing design templates.

Churn out more dynamic content by thinking outside the box and consulting your audience every now and then to find out what works and what doesn’t. Widen your reach to other audiences with these simple tricks.

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