Download AVG Antivirus – The Best App Of 2017
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Download AVG Antivirus – The Best App Of 2017

If you have been looking for the best app of 2017, look no further than the absolute best android antivirus, AVG. AVG Antivirus app is the superior choice when it come stopping viruses and malware in their tracks on your mobile device. Since the app’s initial launch into the mobile world, over 100,000,000 Android users have downloaded the service and entrusted their personal information and security to this quality application, and for good reasons. The AVG Antivirus Company began in the computer protection business, and the extensive list of viruses and malware the program protects against comes straight from this experience in the industry. This helps to ensure that your phone is as completely covered from as many different threats as possible. Just one click away to download avg antivirus now. Let’s get started to read about AVG antivirus and their features at

Download AVG Antivirus

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Types of Threats to your phone

One of the biggest threats you have to protect your android is from malware. It comes in many different forms such as: viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and hardware. It is important to have antivirus on your phone as viruses can come from many different places.

One of the top ways is automatic downloads from your personal emails and web. Some emails you have to press to download an attachment. But then there are others that will automatically download the attachment without your consent or acknowledgment. Who knows what is on that attachment that just downloaded from your email. It could be a virus of any kind, and AVG will scan that file and let you know if there is a bug on it or not.

Another way you can get a virus is just plugging your phone into your personal computer. If your computer has a bug and you plug your unprotected phone into it. Chances are your phone will now have a virus. Simple as that there are hundreds of ways that your phone is now open to getting a virus.

One of the most troubling virus problems is privacy invasion. Cybercriminals are now able to hack into your phone and not only read texts and see pictures. But also listen into your phone calls and see your location! You most likely will not even know that you have been hacked or your phone is under threat. Which is one of the scariest parts. I mean what hacker will let you know that they hacked your phone?

This is why downloading an antivirus to your phone is important. It will not only protect you from any virus or cybercriminals. But also scan to see if there are any viruses or hackers already on your phone. Once it scans AVG antivirus app will inform you about any viruses and remove them for you. This is one of the reasons why this app is the best solution for your phone security.

Types of Protection form AVG

Aside from an extensive list of virus protection capabilities and an easy-to-use scanning and removal system, there are several other reasons to download AVG. This program isn’t just antivirus for Android phones, but has much, much more to offer, such as:

  • The ability to completely optimize your device’s battery and storage while on the move, to keep things running smoothly no matter what.
  • Many features designed to boost your privacy, like a password-encrypted vault for your sensitive personal photos. So you can now keep any of your personal pictures protected with a password.
  • The ability to black any numbers or addresses that have been sending you spam with a simple tap.
  • Anti-theft features designed to make recovering your phone simpler by tracing your lost or stolen from with Google maps to make recovering it easier than ever.
  • Keeping your information out of the hands of criminals, such as being able to remotely wipe your SD card.
  • Even turn on your phone’s ringer even if it is in silent mode remotely.
  • Scans apps, games and files to remove malicious content as well as removes hidden clutter, and unused apps to make more space.
  • With the pro feature AVG uses a Camera Trap will be able to see who is trying to access your phone. If someone tries and fails three times to unlock your phone, it will take a secret photo of them. Then email you the picture, time and location of where this happened.

AVG antivirus app for your PC

Not only can you download this for your Android phones, they also have a PC version. The AVG antivirus app is also free for your computer. It has all the benefits as the cell phone version but compatible for you computer. It will protect your computer from all the possible threats such as viruses and hackers. Sadly people want nothing more than to steal and cause mayhem by getting inside your computer. Help block them from getting all your information now with the AVG antivirus app. Now your whole life will be protected with the most secure application around AVG. You can download the free apps now from Google play.

AVG help and guidance

AVG offer premium tech support as well as antivirus applications. By going directly onto their website they can guide you with any device. They can do anything from directly install the app to any of your devices, to removing viruses on your phone or computer remotely. They are here to help you with whatever troubles you have.

When it comes to protecting your phone from viruses, theft, and even simply keeping your private business to yourself. AVG has everything you need and more in an antivirus app. The best part of all is that this app is completely free, so you are able to enjoy unparalleled protection on your device without spending an arm and a leg on pricey software and other additions.

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