Top 25 Fast Loading WordPress Themes
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Top 25 Fast Loading WordPress Themes

If your goal, like most of the people with an online presence, is to make money online, then you might already be familiar with all the tricks of the trade. The most important being able to drive traffic from search engines which by far is the most popular and the most important way to reach the desired traffic goals that you set. And when it comes to that nothing improves your search engine ranking better than having a website that loads super fast. There are many things you can do to enhance the loading speed of your websites like good coding practices, minimalistic design, search engine optimization and a lot more. At my latest post you can find the list of fast loading wordpress themes for your blog and business website. Speed optimization is thr major part of your revenue. And always use user friendly and fast loading wordpress themes for your business.

While you can go on for hours dealing with all these peculiar technicalities, there is an easy way out; the alternative is to install a theme that has been specifically customized to load extremely fast. Fortunately, there are plenty of Fast Loading WordPress themes available in the market, but the only problem is that picking up the right one from the sea of the options for your website becomes a little more than daunting. In this post, we have tried to eliminate just that by collecting a comprehensive list of only 25 Best Fast Loading WordPress themes, one of which, we are sure you fill find great enough for your multipurpose or niche website.

Fast Loading WordPress Themes

  1. Coupon WordPress Theme

If you are running any business in general and coupon business in particular then this theme might just be the one for you. The theme will impress your visitors with its design and then convert them into more sales with its highly professional and customizable design. In a nutshell, the theme will serve you best if you use it for selling coupons online.

Coupon fast loading wordpress theme

Demo | Download

  1. Builders WordPress Theme

Builders is a theme specially made for construction companies who wish to create an online presence and at the same time sell construction tools and services online. The stunning design and layout will ensure you attract more customers to your website and keep them coming back more.

builder fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Accelerate Pro WordPress Theme

Simplicity and ease of use are the strongest fortè of this theme. And as the name suggests, it is designed in a way that is superfast to load and able to accelerate your post’s ranking on search engine results page. With all these features and then a lot more this theme is great for a portfolio, business, travel, blog, personal, corporate and every other type of website in between.

Accelerate Pro fast loading wordpress theme

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  1. West WordPress Theme

If you want to build a general business website or are planning to build an online presence through niche website, West has got you covered with all its features that have been weaved specifically to cater to all the needs of both of these extremes. The theme builds on standard business features like call-to-action and portfolio integration which essentially makes it great for Law-firm, yoga, Chef, Coffee shop, Pizza shop, interior design, clinic and architect websites.

West fast loading wordpress theme

Demo | Download

  1. Laverde WordPress Theme

A very clean design on top of a minimal and professional core are only some of the features of this magazine styled theme that make it great for magazines, news sites, and blogs of all kind.

Laverde fast loading wordpress theme

Demo | Download

  1. WooShop WordPress Theme

Packed with customization options on top of a stunning and responsive design this theme is great for business and other similar websites that demand alacrity and spiff. The theme is overall very modern, stylish and fully supports WooCommerce so that you can run an online store effectively as well.

WooShop fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Solopreneur WordPress Theme

If you wish to enhance your loyal readership or if you just want to sell more by highlighting your latest products, then SoloPreneur might just be the one for you. The theme does so with its responsive design and two high-converting landing pages that will help you attain both of the goals above.

Solopreneur fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Swift v7 WordPress Theme

The best part of this theme is its super fluidity and ultra-fast loading speed and thus the name “Swift.” The theme is also search engine optimized allowing for even enhanced search engine ranking and has an inbuilt design your visitors will be thrilled to use.

Swift v7 fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. MyBlog WordPress Theme

If you are a serious blogger and you want something equally serious for your blog, then MyBlog has got you covered with its professional design and super awesome functional features. The theme has great design elements and spaces that put focus right where it should be, that is, the content and therefore helps you build a large brand.

MyBlog fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. MekaNews WordPress Theme

Although this theme works great for any blog perfectly, it is particularly optimized for news websites and niche blogs. The strongest forte of this themes is its highly flexible and customizable features that include the ability to customize font, layout, slider and homepage post display as well as unlimited color choices, all Google Web fonts and a powerful Ad management system to help you make money instantly.

MekaNews fast loading wordpress theme

Demo | Download

  1. Rider Pro WordPress Theme

The lightweight design elements of this theme make it extremely fast to load, thus enhancing your search engine ranking. The theme is super clean coded, flexible and based on bootstrap based responsive theme for business or personal websites. The Twitter Bootstrap framework means that your website will look equally elegant on any device that is used to view it from, including tablets and smartphones.

Rider Pro fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Ad-Sense WordPress Theme

We all have to agree that any business with an online presence has to think about monetization at some point and when it comes to that nothing does it better than Ad-Sense. The theme promises to be super ad-friendly with features like better ad-management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users.

Ad-Sense fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Basic WordPress Theme

Basic is a super minimalistic, super sleek theme with all the basic elements that provide enough room to give your content space to breathe. Suitable for agencies and freelancer, you can use this theme to create unlimited portfolios with custom settings for each one. You also get options to select which categories to display, control posts per page, item hover options, pagination, item spacing and show/hide filters plus a lot more.

Basic fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Radiate Pro WordPress Theme

If clean and creativity are high on your list, then Radiate Pro is the one you should give a go at. The theme is retina ready and light weight which makes it look subtle and load superfast on any device including tablets and smartphones. The theme also beautifully integrates primary color options, custom background, custom CSS and a lot of other features directly through WordPress customizer.

Radiate Pro fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Anemos WordPress Theme

This theme uses the powerful and user-friendly framework to create amazing sites that are all lightweight and superfast to load. The theme is also very flexible and comes bundled with powerful features that you will need to create a simple personal blog or any thematic site that’s on your mind.

Anemos fast Loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. MyPortfolio WordPress Theme

Want something elegant to present your work and share your experience? myPortfolio has got you covered with its beautiful and highly customizable layout on top of lots of options that you will need to keep visitors on your site and keep them immersed in your content for hours.

myPortfolio fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Niche WordPress Theme

Niche, as the name suggests has been made to cater to all the needs of a niche website but it has all the other elements and functions that make it great for any other type of general website. The overall design of the theme is clean, super flexible and the best part is that it is extremely basic which makes it superfast to load.

Niche fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Codilight WordPress Theme

Elegant design and review feature are only some of the features that make this stand out from the rest of the crowd, and it promises to do the same for your business. The theme runs on a magazine styled format and is thus most suitable for technology, reviews, and product websites.

Codilight fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. socialMe WordPress Theme

If you often have to deal with content that’s is more social media-centric, and you want something that catches the eye of people around social media circles – SocialMe is the theme you should try out. The theme comes packed with powerful features that are ideal for engaging visitors and building a strong community.

socialMe fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Jackdaw WordPress Theme

This theme is jam-packed with all the exquisite features that make it pretty unique and helps your website stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is done with the help of its clean design, customizability of the menu and header on top of beautiful animations that are enough to keep your visitors amazed all the time. It goes without saying that the theme is fully responsive and can adapt to any device you throw at it.

Jackdaw fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Store Pro WordPress Theme

This theme, besides being fully compatible with WooCommer also fully supports YITH WooCommerce, both of which help you to sell products more efficiently and also provides a great experience for your visitors, thereby attracting them more and nudging them to buy more from you.

eStore Pro fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Sparks WordPress Theme

Sparks is one of those themes that simply get the job done without engaging you in all the unnecessary clutter and jargons. The theme is full of features and functional elements that make it great for creative agencies, freelancers or businesses looking for a handsome and professional web presence.

Sparks fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. MH Magazine WordPress Theme

With this theme, you will be able to better present your content, images or videos and also make them attractive. The theme also has other features that blend elegantly to power any website ranging from fashion, travel, lifestyle, glamor or any other editorial website that you can imagine.

MH Magazine fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. Sensational WordPress Theme

Bring the awesomeness of your blog to the fullest and convert it into something truly “Sensational” with this elegant theme. You get access to a lot of features that allow you to play with colors and layout styles, making your website a great portal to showcase your content or products.

Sensational fast loading wordpress themes

Demo | Download

  1. JustFit WordPress Theme

If you are passionate about fitness and want something to channel your passion, then JustFit is the one for you. The theme will help you to build an effective website for your fitness community, personal training, online magazine publishing or just help you with a subtle website for your local gym. You can also show off your testimonials, results, products and workout while simultaneously maintaining a blog to drive more traffic to your website through search engines.

Demo | Download

I hope you find this post helpful and like the collection of top 25 fast loading WordPress themes for your blog and business website. Keep sharing your thoughts below in the comment box and don’t forget to share this post on your Facebook and twitter timeline. Thank you for visiting keep subscribe us for more interesting and informative write-up.

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  • Siteload time tells the difference between a user friendly and non friendly site. Google has also made the site speed a ranking factor. It is really necessary to optimize site speed or use an site optimized WordPress theme.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • @easkme:disqus Yes,good site speed is the important factor for revenue, and Thank you so much to visit on my blog and sharing your thoughts.

  • Jeenu Pillai

    I am absolutely bowled over the choice of themes. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Makes my life easier at so many levels.

    • @jeenupillai:disqus This is really great to know that you beloved the collection of wordptress themes.

  • Those are awesome tips! I have a wordpress blog and a couple of those themes would work very nicely!

    • Glad to know that you find awesome the collection of fast loading WordPress themes.

  • Such a useful and helpful resource this post is. Great for anyone setting up and wanting to know where to look. You have included so many good examples and explanations here – it is a good piece of research that is great value.

    • Thank you so much for all your appreciation and spending time on my blog to check this out,.

  • Ania Ewelina

    These are some pretty good looking themes. These are great for someone that wants a nice looking website that is fast with a lot of content. Thanks for sharing

  • I ended up going with a different theme a couple weeks ago, but now I have to go through and change my featured photos (which I’ve only done partially). It is hard work to change a theme!

  • I’m always looking at WordPress themes to bookmark for when I decide to change mine, but browsing through dozens and dozens of it is time-consuming. Thank you for coming up with this list. I’ve already found two that I like.

  • Hal Yusuf

    i could have used this at the start of the year:p but anyway well done for finding some cool themes

  • David Elliott

    Thanks for the great information on the WordPress themes. If I decide to change mine I will definitely be back here to find faster loading ones. Having a good fast loading theme is important.

  • Oh wow these are some really great themes! The MekaNews is definitely a great one to create a magazine style blog.

  • I could really never geot my head around WordPress, I use blogger. But a friend has just switched to WordPress and I think He would benefit from this post London from this post.

  • Lana Chunnar

    Great post!!! I’m always wasting my time browsing the wordpress themes to find what I’d like, it’s time-comsuming and boring!! At the end I give up and get bored! Thanks for sharing this post, it’s really helpful, think I found what I’d like 🙂

  • Marceline Dementori

    I just love this! It’s really important that your site loads fast especially if you want to have more visitors. These are all lovely themes!

  • I love the quality of that post! So much effort and a lot of details! Thank you so much for taking so much time and energy to sharing those information with us

  • Nice list – thanks, some of these template look nice. What are you using to judge the load speed?

  • You are spot on with the fact that pages take longer to load are a big pain. I don’t do WP but I will check into my platform because this is great. Do you have anything for Blogger?

  • Rhewi Montemayor

    Wow, what an awesome post and such a great tips I will keep this in my mind and this is so helpful.

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    This is great design for a web to look so well. It will attract many for sure because how you design your blog is another way to catch the interest of readers. These are really attractive themes.

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    I love to use the fully compatible themes like Keo – 16 in 1 Complex MultiPurpose WordPress Theme. The theme design is clean and elegant.

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