How to Start Freelance Career on LinkedIn
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How to Start Freelance Career on LinkedIn

Most of us know that LinkedIn is the best social media for professionals, allowing them to connect with each other, communicate, and hire (or be hired). However, there are many people who still think all these opportunities are available for full-time workers only. Also you can read one of the best successful market combination of drones and social media. At my new post you can get more info about freelance career on LinkedIn, it would be helpful for them who are interested to make a freelance career.

Wrong. The job industry changes quickly and LinkedIn reacts to these changes, acknowledging freelancers and giving them opportunities to find new clients and projects. Of course, this doesn’t happen the second you register – you have to tailor your profile and learn how to look for opportunities first. However, you still shouldn’t miss the chance to use LinkedIn for job search.So here’s what you need to focus on in order to make it happen.

Freelance Career on LinkedIn

Figure out what you want to do

If you are a beginner freelancer, this might seem challenging. However, even beginner ones are able to find nice projects on LinkedIn. The only important thing is to figure out what do you want to offer and then deliver the message right.

freelance career on linkedin

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Be as specific as you can. If you are a writer, don’t simply state “I can write anything”. Usually, the clients are looking for more specific types of writers, so you’ll make it much easier for them if you focus on what you can do best. Stating that you are a finance blog and article writer, for example, is a much more specific proposal.

If you are experienced enough already, you still should consider which skills do you want to highlight in your profile.

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Create your profile

Some people think that the profile has to look as sophisticated and impressive as possible. This often leads to them stuffing their profiles with too much data, making them look spammed and hard to read.

Remember that no matter what your niche is, your profile has to look simple and contain the most necessary information only. This way your potential clients will see everything they need once they click on your profile.

Another important thing is to show what you can do and what problems can you solve for your clients. Mention that on top of your profile, being direct and clear about it.

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If you are an experienced freelancer, you are also able to specify everything that makes you stand out among others. Show your most impressive works or tell about the best clients that you had, outline your achievements, and so on.

There’s another important thing to remember. While updating your profile is important, you shouldn’t focus on updates too much. Sure, a beginner freelancer needs to demonstrate that they actually got some experience but be careful not to overdo it. The updates don’t matter as much as you might think – at the same time they can take a lot of your precious time that better be used on more important things.

Offer some valuable information

Just like any other social media, LinkedIn allows you to not only consume data but also to create and share your own one. Don’t miss this opportunity.

If you are a writer or a blogger, you might want to share some of your articles or blog posts in your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t earn a living with the help of your writing skills, you still can consider creating any kind of useful data, be it infographics, tutorial videos, and so on.

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Moreover, you can also share your thoughts about various things related to your niche – books, trends, events, etc. Not only this will give some valuable information to your followers but also will allow them to see that you are really experienced in the field. This is also a great way to start communicating with your followers as they will be able to start a conversation with you based on what you write.

Be active

There are many ways to find clients on LinkedIn and checking out job offers is only one of them.

Basically, LinkedIn is a platform full of professionals. The clients are everywhere and the only thing you need in order to start getting job offers is to get noticed in the first place.

Join groups related to your niche and participate in discussions there. Follow the experts in your niche and reply to what they post. Monitor the pages of the companies you like the most. Check out your competitors to find out how they attract clients and look for jobs.

The only important thing here is to be not only active but also useful and impressive. Sure, you can post everywhere leaving tenths of comments every day but that won’t make any effect if these comments are shallow. Instead of trying to be everywhere, try to show that you do know what you’re writing about. Make sure that your comments are valuable and well-thought of. Give people good advice and support your arguments with various facts. This will make you look impressive and experienced.


Summing this up, finding freelance clients with the help of LinkedIn is totally possible. All you need to do is to make your profile look impressive enough, be active, and offer some valuable content to the readers.

This might not be easy at first but it will become easier with time. Don’t give up and continue improving your profile – and everything will work out just fine.

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