Gadgets Accessories for the month of September

Gadgets Accessories for the month of September

Welcome back buddies  today my post is totally different from regular content , Yes i am sharing my gadget accessories which i have used last month and i extremely happy to use those accessories. There are two benefits to bought gadgets accessories from different online stores.

1. As a fashion blogger it completes my looks to wear gadgets pendant bracelet and stylish glasses.
2. As a tech blogger it keeps me abreast with the technologies

Find below my gadgets collections for the month September

1. Sony Smartwatch (Wrist Phone)
2. Modish USB Drives
3. Geek Glasses


Let’s talk about my first gadgets “Wrist Phone”

Sony SmartWatch Android Watch

Willing to own a handy gadget that controls the way you live? Right on your wrist, compact, simple and smart! Yes, The Sony Smart Watch is the best gadget available for people looking for life in mobility! The company is true when it says ‘Designed to impress’ because it makes you feel out of the world when it catches the hold of your wrist and adds stars to your personality.

What makes it special?

Now you don’t need to take out your cell phone every time you receive a new notification because the Sony Smart Watch Android watch allows you to check your Facebook, catch up on your Tweets, texts and emails, make calls and also listen to your music whilst keeping your hands free. The Smart Watch features an easy to use, ultra-responsive touch display making it simple and easy to navigate your way around the Smart Watch with a simple touch, press or swipe.


The device is android, and is compatible with every android cell phone available in the market. The best thing is, you can personalize the gadget according to you, to feel that it’s yours! With lots and lots of exciting Applications available from the Google Play Store, you can make the gadget behave like you want it to!

You hate it when you miss an important call or SMS because you couldn’t hear or find your phone at the bottom of your handbag? With the Smart Watch this is now a thing of the past. Innovative Bluetooth technology makes the watch display the caller ID and vibrate as your phone is ringing or when you receive an SMS. Reject or mute the call with a touch on the watch or use the Bluetooth headset or mobile phone to answer the call and start chatting for the longest you can, because the battery doesn’t die very easily!


The watch is affordable and compatible with any 20mm wristband, so you can customize it according to your mood. A wide range of colors are available in stores, so that you never get bored of one, and keep going with the trend! The LED screen gives you all the information and you can do everything that you do on your 5” mobile phone. The connectivity is really higher than the rest of brands available, and it works really smooth with a user friendly interface. All the android apps work, but you cannot play games like Temple Run, and Fruit Ninja because of the screen size. The watch is designed in a professional theme and is a great standard symbol. The functioning of the watch is super amazing and you will love every function it provides.



1. Clip – Attaches your smartwatch device to wrist band, belt or clothing
2. Power key – turns device on and off



Before using your smartwatch device for the first time, you should charge it for approximately two hours.

Quick Steps

Install Smart Connect from Google play store on your phone
Pair smartwatch with your phone through Bluetooth
After Pairing install smartwatch application and install them.


So, if you are planning to buy this watch, Please do not resist anymore! GO FOR IT! Because, what you are going to find in this gadget, you won’t get it anywhere else! Value for money! 5 STARS 🙂

Pros :

1. Great performance
2. Commendable battery life.
3. Clear Display
4. Economic


1. Only for Android devices

Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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