GoFreeTech Wireless Mouse  – Review

GoFreeTech Wireless Mouse – Review

When it comes to computing an important aspect of using the computer is a mouse. A mouse as we all know is used as an input device to feed information into the computer. We have all grown up using the mouse on our computers but as technology advanced so did the design of the mouse. Today a wireless mouse is something that most technically savvy people use, as it is precise and convenient and does not come with the hassles of a limited cord. The Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse is a great choice when it comes to buying a mouse that has the latest design and features at an affordable price. The following are some of the detailed specifications of the Gofreetech Wireless Mouse. Apart from this you can find out affordable and easy to carry gadgets for your daily uses. Let’s find out gadgets under Rs. 500, extremely handy and affordable. 

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Specifications of Gofreetech Wireless Mouse

  • The wireless optical mouse has a 2.4 G wireless connection. It has a wide optical range of 10 meters making it a convenient option that is not limited to a small cord that can limit the use of the mouse.
  • The Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse has 3 keys with a standard scrolling key that makes it very convenient to use.
  • The technical details of the device include PAN3205 sensor, uses low power and gives high performance and has 3 switchable DPI 800/1200/1600.
  • A good mouse should work with a wide range of operating systems. People today have different preferences when it comes to OS.
  • The Gofreetech Wireless Mouse supports a wide variety of operating systems. These include various Windows OS versions including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and also Windows 10. It also supports the Apple Mac 10.x OS so this mouse can be used for different types of PCs.
  • The wireless optical mouse has IR light tracing technology and works on different types of surfaces.
  • As mentioned above, this mouse is designed to conserve energy as it has an energy saving design with a low power indicator. It has a physical power switch on the body of the device.
  • The wireless optical mouse has a Plug & Play Nano receiver and is available in two classic yet stylish colors. It is available in a complete black model and also available in a sleek Black – Blue color. The mouse has a beautiful and contemporary design with a sleek look.
  • This Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse is very affordable and is available at a price point of around Rs. 449 which makes it a great buy considering all the different features available in it.
  • The Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse has been tested with the Drop Test Drop from 76 cm height with packing. This shows that it has a sturdy built and design.
  • The working temperature for the device is from 0 degrees Celsius to over 45 Degrees Celsius so it works in wide ranging climatic conditions.

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The Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse is a top wireless optical mouse option available and a great choice for customers. It has as mentioned above many great features at a truly affordable price.

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