How to Select a GPS Phone Tracker for Your Kid?
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How to Select a GPS Phone Tracker for Your Kid?

GPS Phone Tracker

Child safety is a headache for many modern parents. Thinking of where your kid is, whether he or she got successfully from school to home and vice versa – that’s an everyday concern. Especially nowadays, with so many criminals and offenders walking the same streets as your kids do, safety becomes not a simple buzzword but rather a necessity. So, what to do? to keep your child ‘chained’ at home or harass kids with constant phone calls? No way! A GPS phone tracker is a much better variant. Wish to know more? Read on! Let’s get started and get more info about GPS phone tracker, their uses and best GPS phone tracker apps.


What Does a GPS Phone Tracker Do? 

A wearable GPS tracker has become a very beneficial solution for parents wishing to keep an eye on their children’s location. Imagine: only a decade ago, your child could say that he/she spent the whole day at home, doing homework, while in fact he/she traveled to another part of the city to swim in the lake or visit someone’s friend. You would never find that out – if everything ends well. However, if you come home and see no child present, and don’t even know where to start searching – that’s surely a desperate situation. All’s well that ends well, but it is much better to be forearmed nowadays, especially when technology enables conspicuous and non-intrusive monitoring of the child’s location.

GPS trackers come in numerous gadgets nowadays, such as watches, smartphones, pendants, etc. These trackers are highly helpful in not only locating children at any moment of the day, but also setting some geofencing limits and being alarmed as soon as your kid violates your request and leaves the safe area you discussed. In such a way, you do not need to harass your offspring with interrogations about his/her movements during the day – it is enough to set boundaries and to reproach a child only once a violation is detected.


Top Five GPS Trackers for Children 

An interesting technology, right? If you have decided to start using it, it’s high time to decide which one to choose – the market is booming with numerous offers with distinct sets of features and a diverse price range. Hence, it is strongly recommended to conduct a thorough market check first and then make the final choice. Here is our best selection of top 5 GPS trackers highly popular among consumers nowadays.

  1. The ISTYLE Q50 smart watch for kids. Equipping the child with a wrist watch with a GPS tracker is a wise decision, since a phone may not always be with him/her, while a watch is typically worn all day long. Moreover, your kid will definitely like the bright, fresh colors of this watch and will find them enjoyable, impressive accessories worth wearing. Besides continuous GPS tracking, the watch allows your kid to inform you about any trouble or emergency via a SOS button on the case. This is a truly new standard of safety.
  2. mSpy GPS phone tracker. If you still prefer to install the GPS tracker in a kid’s phone, there may hardly be anything more reliable than the mSpy tracker with advanced GPS location monitoring. You can order the tracker and enjoy the full range of tracking features to keep your child under full control.
  3. AngelSense. Wishing to have an even greater degree of control over your child’s daily activities? Then try the AngelSense tracker. Besides the GPS monitoring function, it also works as a microphone and allows you to listen to the kid’s interactions with other people. This device was initially developed for kids with special needs, but later obtained broader use by cautious parents.
  4. HereO GPS watch for kids. Another wrist watch with a workable GPS function is the HereO model. It is very appealing in terms of design, and comes in a variety of fascinating shapes and sizes so adorable for children. The GPS functionality in this model is impressive: besides the basic function of GPS tracking, the watch may send proximity alerts to parents and store the location history. You may also set a safety zone for the kid and get notifications once an escape is planned.
  5. Weenect Kids GPS. This kind of a wearable GPS tracker has a set of interesting features you might like. Setting up safety zones, seeing the child on an interactive live map, tracking the distance countdowns – all this is possible with Weenect. It is also equipped with a panic button and enables a two-way connection – a very convenient option for small children who do not have smartphones yet.


Choosing a GPS Tracker or a Phone Spy App

Looking at our ranking, you may have a question about the best choice – a wearable GPS tracker or a mobile spy? That all depends on your needs and the child’s age. If you feel your child is too small for having a phone, but control is still needed, then a wearable GPS (like a watch or a pendant) may be more preferable. If the child is older and already conducts some social and online activity – then a GPS phone tracker is a much better option, since it gives more tracking opportunities and Web activity monitoring.

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