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How to Avoid Automated Emails from Looking Automated

A great way to communicate with a large number of people for marketing purposes is through bulk emails. They are easy to send and you can reach a large target audience at the same time. An automated email is sort of a marketing tool where large number of people can be sent the same email in a bulk at the same time. These automated emails are used in direct mail marketing campaigns and also to keep a healthy relationship with existing customers. But how to make an automated email sound not automated. How do you make it seem more personal? The following are some tips to help with this problem.

Tips to Make Emails Sound Not Automated

Don’t Be Predictable

This means that do not have a strict schedule of when you send your automated emails. Some companies have a habit of sending the automated emails at the same time every day, week or month. This routine gets predictable and the recipients will actually expect your mails at the same time in a schedule like clockwork. This can be boring and your automated emails can end up in the trash section of your recipient’s email accounts. Keep the recipients interested with good content and a changing schedule for the automated emails.


Address the Email to Individual Subscribers

There is an option available in most automated email platforms that give you the choice of addressing the email to individual subscribers. This means that for example if in the bulk mail each mail is addressed to the name of the subscriber instead of “To Sir/Madam” it makes it sound less automated and the recipient is likely to respond better. This is a very easy option to choose as you just have to opt for this option before sending the automated emails.

Create Personalized Lists

Use an automated emails platform that helps you generate lists from your general list that are more targeted based on subscriber activity. This means that from your general list of all your email subscribers, create sub-lists. These can be of the most active subscribers or the subscribers that respond the most or subscribers that most often open your emails without directly sending it to Trash. Email segmentation is very important as it helps you reach your target audiences in a more personalized manner and makes the automated emails sound less automated. They increase the chances of reaching the customers in a better way and are great marketing options in email marketing.

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