How To Create A Blog
Blogging Tips How to

How To Create A Blog

Hey Readers, so finally you want to start a blog yippee! Great decision!

From last 2-3 months many people asked me for help regarding blogging. Then I have decided to write blogging guide for those who asked me how to start blog. There’s so much information about blogging on web and everyone is telling to do different things. It’s up to you what are you reading and what are you understanding about blogging.

Blogging need proper understanding, good English, patience and hard work. Do you have? A good understanding about writing and monetization is must for blogging. Well these blogging tips will helpful for beginner. I had the same problem when I stated my blog back in 2012.

I asked the same questions to others on whatsapp, facebook and twitter?

  1. What is Blogging?
  2. How to start blog?
  3. Could you share blogging tips?
  4. How to make money from blog?

Well today I am feeling high to share blogging tips for newbie bloggers. I am not a blogging guru, but I surely do know the more than basics about blogging.

I promise after reading this post you will prepare and easy to understand to start your own blog. Lets’ get started about blogging for beginner.

What is blogging?

A blog is a frequently updated online journal or your personal and professional diary. This is a place to express your experience to the world. Blogging is the versatile place to share your thoughts, ideas to others. People get inspired to take an idea from your blog and they become your regular reader and followers which gives your traffic and revenue through blogging. This sounds great. Find tips that how to get blog traffic easily and quickly.

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Why you should do blogging and join the blogging community?


“Blogging tips and guide are the different things that we will discuss later in this post but the most essential thing is that why you should create a blog.

If you have answer of this question then skip to read following steps and go ahead.

  1. Blogging is the easiest way to get communicate and spreading information about brands, products and other news.
  2. Blogging is right way to express yourself and get noticed.
  3. You become a better person, better writer, or a little high but might be business person.
  4. Ofcourse the best thing! You can make money. Happy now.

Oh you already knew it! OH!!! Anyways there are few people who don’t know about it. You can get more info from here well the last and the most important thing before we get started.

“Creating your own blog and for monetization,  If you need any help during the set-up process, get in touch with me here and I’ll help as best I can and answer any questions you might have. I will defiantly reply in between 24 hours whether I am busy or not.”

What you needed to start a blog – An Overview

There are main steps you need to go through in order to set up your own blog. If you follow given blogging guide, then you can create your blog less than 30 minutes. There is no design and coding required by you. That’ good news for you, Enjoy!

Steps to starting a blog

  1. Blogging platform
  2. Web hosting platform
  3. Choose your domain name
  4. Choose hosting package
  5. Install wordpress
  6. WordPress Set up
  7. Designing your WordPress blog

SO we have completed first step, Now without wasting anytime let’s go ahead.

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Step 1

Choose your blogging platform Yes, don’t get confused just choose your blogging platform where you want to build your blog this is the first thing to do in blogging. You can use any blogging platform like, tumblr and

But I recommended wordpress, this is the largest blogging platform in the world with unlimited wordpress plugins, add ons, wordpress theme and more interesting features.

Why you should go with wordpress, reasons are listed below:-

  1. Easy to set up and free to use.
  2. Countless free theme and layouts are available.
  3. Forum are available for discussion if you get stuck
  4. Your blog will look good and work fast.
  5. People can contact you easily and share comment and your post on social easily.

Here you can find my another article about how to choose blogging platform

Step 2

Choose Web Hosting platform – Well don’t get tired let’s choose your hosting platform now. Now you need to take a decision whether to pay for hosting or you want to grab free one.

WordPress, tumbler, and blogger all offer free and paid blogging platform. If you are not serious about blogging then you should go for free. What exactly you will get if you choose free alternative for blogging.

  1. You will not able to get your own domain name.
  • Really you don’t like it then you should go for self hosting. It would be better than free alternatives.

Let’s start here to go to bluehost. Click on green highlighted get started now button


Select your plan now – choose your plan that you would like to start with that. I usually go with most popular plus plan because it has almost all features for a good and professional quality blog. If you have super tight budget then you can go for basic plan for initial days and you can upgrade it later.

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Just click on green button and select your plan to move on the next step.


Step 3

Choose your Domain name – What is your domain name? A domain name is a web address of any website like is my web domain name. You can enter new domain name as well as existing domain name.


If you don’t have domain name then choose a new domain name in left side and you already have domain name then enter in the right side to “I have a domain name”. Just click on the next button.

Quick tips to choose a domain name

  • Always go with a .com domain name.
  • Choose easy to say and spell.
  • Do not include number, hyphen, dash or any other symbol.
  • There are few more tips to noticed when you choose a domain name How to Select a Domain Name

On the next page, just enter your info with running email id.


Step 4

Choose you’re hosting Package- Now you can choose your hosting package that how far you want to pay. There are yearly and monthly plan works so you can choose as per your budget. I always recommend paying for a year because if you forget then your blog get down and it would be bad impression on your regular readers who frequently visit on your blog.

The last just enter your billing info and click on submit. Also check your mail for login info and keep this information for future use.


Step 5

Install wordpress – Yes, now we have to install wordpress on your new sites. Go back on bluehost and click on login button. You can check your registered mail for login details.


Once you logged in your cpanel, just click on wordpress icon under the website builder.


Click on install button > and begin the installing process.


This is the last step to install wordpress, just enter your wordpress user info like your site name or title, chose admin username, password and admin email id. Click on terms button and click on install now button. Oh so finally feeling relax to install wordpres for your new site.

Noted – keep safe your wordpress login credentials.

Congratulation you are the owner of self hosted wordpress site.

Step 6

Designing your wordpress blog– Now this is entertaining part of blogging; let’s make your blog look exactly how you want it. There are quick steps to install wordpress theme on your blog.

How to install wordpress theme

Choose your free theme from or I can make your task easy to do just click on free theme download and get top theme of 2016.

Click on Appearance > Themes > Add new

Upload your downloaded free and paid theme from your desktop and click on install now button.

There are few useful resources for newbie blogger; you must read when you start blogging.

My Favorite WordPress Plugin – I Can’t do Blogging Without you also download these wordpress plugins to get successful blogging.

How to Insert Buttons in Blog Posts Without Using Shortcodes

Top 10 tips for successful blogging

That’s it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and getting helpful information about blogging tips. Now you are able to set up your own blog.  If you find any problem during installation or else you can directly contact us at will get back to you in between 24 hours.

Enjoy your new blog and keep bookmark this page for more blogging tips.

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