How to Create Yahoo and Gmail Groups
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How to Create Yahoo and Gmail Groups

Nowadays most people who access the internet have an email account. Some of the most popular email services on the internet are Yahoo and Google Mail or Gmail. Many of the people with an internet account have accounts with these services. The sending and receiving of email today has become a daily routine in the lives of most people with access to internet. Email services are used by colleagues at work to share files and messages. Friends and family also share forwards and keep in touch with each other through email. Email and chat services offered by these websites have truly brought people closer and made the world a smaller place.

Yahoo and Gmail Groups

Sometimes what happens is that we want to send a group email or forward information to a large number of people on our contact list. Manually putting down each and every name is a task as you have to remember a long list and sending such an email can be a task. Group emails are sent to the entire batch at educational institutions, to the entire family about a family event or to an entire office staff at an organization. Moreover these groups of people usually have to be sent the same mails over a long period of time. For this purpose both Yahoo and Gmail have a feature called group mails where bulk mail to a particular group can be sent without having to enter individual email addresses one at a time which is time consuming.

Yahoo Groups

It is very simple to create lists on Yahoo. Just go to “Contacts” and you will see “lists” on the left pane. Click on the plus sign to “Create a new list”. Then add the contacts you want in the list”. Just click on the “contact” and then click on “Assign to list” the contact will be part of the list.

Gmail Groups

For Gmail again go to contacts. Click on one or multiple contacts. Then click on the third from left icon on the top. It will show “Groups” and click on it to show the drop down menu of “Groups” Either start a new group by creating a new list or add contacts to the already existing groups. On android phones text messages can be sent to the Gmail groups in one go.

Both Yahoo and Gmail Groups have made sending bulk mail easier as it is less tedious and no one gets left out or missed in the process.

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