How to Get Blog Traffic & Create Worthwhile Relationships
Blogging Tips

How to Get Blog Traffic & Create Worthwhile Relationships

Developing a blog traffic and readership is not an easy task especially in the world of internet and traffic just acts like a lifeline in your online business. But there’s nothing to worry; Blogging will give you name, fame, and traffic. I wanna simply say you can full fill your dream if you really serious about blogging, people usually asked me that how do i earn money though blogging? I recommended to all newbie instead of money keep focusing on traffic and you should ask how to get blog traffic instead of money. Because once you get enough traffic money will come at your adsence account. There are numerous other efficient and free tools for the same. Now let’s get cracking on those tips, yes?

Let’s get started some important tips while you think about blogging.

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1. A good write up: For an incredible website or blogs, the foremost demand is real and captivating writing. Good content will get more and more exposure via social media and links. This sharing by your viewers is much better than the paid ways. You can also apply all the blog promotion skills in the book, but it only works when the content is well written and interesting.

2. Forums Marketing: Most of the top forums in your niche get millions of visitors, but you just can’t simply spam them with your links. Rather go for contributing to the forum in the form of ideas and you should response eagerly to other people’s discussions and being active in current discussions. You must have a link to your blog in your forum signature, and you’ll see a hike in the traffic instantly.

3.Join groups on Facebook for promoting and blog engagement:

Facebook communities contribute a lot to your great start of the blog. When I joined it at my starting, and I have got a lot more traffic, shares, and comments. Moreover, it builds your relationship with other bloggers too. These groups are helpful as they concerned with only this purpose and they do not indulge in the spams. They are really focused and disciplined. You should go for the communities having 1000 plus members and keep noticing how active all the members are.

4. Walk in hand with the Twitter: I was never in touch with Twitter and nor even interested in the beginning. When I started blogging, articles would tell me that I should use Twitter to grow my traffic. I really didn’t know how to go about it. To took some time and then I started following some bloggers I was fond of. I used to comment on their tweets even if I didn’t know them. Gradually I grabbed it, and I too started posting as well as links to my posts. I used to talk to bloggers and made them friends. So an amazing world of Twitter came into being.

5. Exchange blog comments with fellow bloggers: It’s always very sweet and attractive when you invite other fellow bloggers to check out your new post after you comment on theirs, but I’m talking about here a systematic, and more organized way of conversation is far more beneficial. For instance, you can email all your friends that if they are in the process to swap comments this week, they can notify you when they are posting something new so that you can comment and vice versa. This way engagement and discussion both would increase, so that your readers will see no posts with zero comments and they will consider reliable to trust your content. It also builds strong relationships with your fellow bloggers.

6. Go on swapping guest posts and infographics: This one is famous, but there’s a way to do it. A guest post should be there on a popular Site more famous than yours. And of course, it should be up best stuff. Post a content that really values to guest posting blog. This will enable you to post yet again to their site. You should be very careful about your bio line. It will catch more and more readers. It’s also equally important to accept guest posts. It will widen the base of your content and takes some writing burden off of you. Make sure to publish a good lot of blogging guidelines so that there are less number of low-quality posts. You can even post your infographics on their blog or vice versa. It will increase your engagements(likes, comments, shares, etc.), followers in a huge way.

7. Getting your site listed with Top Content Aggregator: The advantage of an aggregator site is that they have larger and broader relationship than you do. Consider

An aggregator is a site that collects blog posts by publishing links to your content on these platforms; you can get more surge of traffic. But there’s a catch; they don’t just accept any site. It’s hard when your site is new.

8. Host a Q&A on Your Blog: Quest and Answers always help in a better exchange of thoughts, views and opinions. It enables the readers to clear their doubts and problems. So this is yet another way to increase traffic is win-win. As their questions and your appropriate answers will showcase your talent and would grow trust. Just only announce an upcoming session for Q&A to your list of subscribers and communities you are a part of. Once you begin to get responses, give a blog post(or a PDF) with the answers and then promote this content to your social media and communities as much as possible.

9. Run a blogging contest: You should host your own blogging contest and make it a compulsion that participants should share your article on social sites, or they should blog about it. If possible, try to get some sponsors as well And have them blog about your contest as well. It will go a long approach to promoting your blog’s reach.

10. You can even publish slides to SlideShare:SlideShare? It is the sleeping giant in the content marketing. It’s used by thousands of professionals and is visited too very frequently. You can even apply it to promote your blog, sharing your presentation on SlideShare, make you a good lot of traffic..that you might’ve not even imagined.

In a case study Ana Hoffman reported that by publishing nine presentations on Slideshare, she was capable of generating 243,000 views to her slides and over 1,400 clicks to her blog in 30 days. As a conclusion, Slideshare matured her second largest referral traffic. Now, that’s one excellent way to promote a blog!

So you can create your own presentations with vibrant pictures and content and see your traffic grow.


There are lot many ways to generate traffic and even affordable. So go for it and get it. Kindly share other ways that you use to promote and increase your traffic in the comments below. Work for your success and make it happen!

Anuradha is a full loving person who enjoys her work thoroughly and has a keen interest in writing. She is a professional blogger and actively engages with readers. In her free times, she loves reading novels along with some soft music.

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