How to Increase the PC’s speed
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How to Increase the PC’s speed

The PC or the personal computer is a computing device used by millions of people all over the world as a computer primarily for personal use. A common problem that occurs in many personal computers is that they tend to become slower. This means that the functions asked by the users of the personal computers take longer time than they should. Waiting for a personal computer to operate and move to the next function is a time consuming and often boring problem. There are however ways to get the PC to function at a faster speed by increasing the overall speed of the personal computer.

The following are ways to increase the speed of the PC:

Unnecessary Files

A common reason why the speed of personal computers slows down is unnecessary accumulation of files in the computer. There is a simple solution to this problem. The temporary internet files are easy to remove from the computer. To clean up unnecessary files from the computer follow these steps:

Start Button> All Programs> Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup> Select Drive.

After you select the drive you can clean up the Temporary Internet Files in the computer’s software drive and also other files that you do not need from all the drives. This will help relieve the computer of unnecessary files and increase the speed of the computer.

Fragmentation of Files and Data

The personal computers also get really slowed down due to fragmentation of files and data. However there is an easy way to defragment the disks which will make the computer run faster. Simply follow these next steps to defragment the disks on the personal computer.

Start Button> All Programs> Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter.

The process of defragmentation of disks on the personal computer is pretty basic. When the above steps are taken the computer accesses the need of defragmentation and checks whether any files and data are fragmented. Then the files and data that are fragmented are identified and rearranged in the process of defragmentation of files and data. This process also helps the personal computer or PC to run more efficiently and also increases the speed of the PC.

As seen above these are the two basic and common problems in PCs which slow the speed of the computing device. There are other major problems like viruses which slow the computer, however if these simple problems are causing the PC to slow down the above are the simple solutions to increase the speed of the PCs.

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