How to install iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone
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How to install iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone

All the Apple product lovers wait for their latest innovative versions of their phones, tablets and operating systems for these computing devices. The latest version of the iOS which is Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads etc. was launched at the WWDC conference. This iOS 7 version is the latest version and so it is natural that many of the iPhone users would want this version of iOS on their iPhones as soon as possible. Even though the iOS 7 was launched at the WWDC conference on June 10 this year the iOS 7 is slated for release in the market only in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2013. The information available to the public about this version of the iOS operating system suggests that Apple has made many improvements to the existing iOS and also redesigned its user interface. As this iOS claims to improve the functionality of the operating system, many of the iPhone users would want to use this iOS 7 on their iPhones as soon as they can. The great news is that if you want to install the iOS 7 Beta version now on your iPhone there is a way to do this. Just install the iOS 7 Beta version as a developer following the steps given below:

Steps to install the iOS 7 Beta Version on your iPhones:

1.The iOS 7 beta will not work on Jailbroken or unlocked iPhones and to install the iOS 7 Beta versions you will need to install the current latest version of iTunes on the iPhone.

2. Find the UDID of your iPhone. For this Open iTunes on Computer> Plug the iPhone to the iTunes using the USB Cable> Go to your “Device” on iTunes from left side> Go to “Summary” Tab>Click the text on “Serial Number”> It will change into “Identifier”> jot down or copy the UDID number.

3. The next step is registration of your UDID number. First step is to open the iMZDL’s website. There will be a box under device details. Fill that box with the UDID number of your iPhone that you have just copied by pasting the number in the box. The next step is to select the UDID registration for 8$. Then Click on the “Next” Button.

4. Next step is to select the iOS Firmware for your specific iPhone device and then downloading it.

5. The last step is to install the iOS 7 Firmware to get the Beta version of iOS 7 on your iPhone. Again Open iTunes and plug the iOS device to iTunes via USB cable. Click on your iOS device on the left side of the screen. At this stage you need to create a backup for the device. This is simple by just clicking on “Backup”. Hold Option and then Click on “Check for Update”.

6. When the “Selector” comes up, all you have to do is to choose the IPSW files that you downloaded earlier and click OK.

This is a simple way to get iOS 7 Beta version on your iPhone now.

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