How To Know  If Someone Is Using Your Copyrighted Images?
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How To Know If Someone Is Using Your Copyrighted Images?

In the age of the Internet, sharing images with faraway family and friends has become easier than it was earlier. Rather than packing them in an envelope and hoping that the package won’t get lost or suffer damages en route to the recipient, you can upload and share photos on your blog, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram,  or on photo-sharing platforms like Flickr in just a few minutes. Unfortunately,it is also very easy for someone to save your images and use them elsewhere without even your slightest consent. Given the immensity of the World Wide Web, it is impossible to find individual users and websites that has re-used your copyrighted images. However, there are a few options available to uncover fraudsters.

  • On the official site of ‘Tineye’, run a reverse photo search. ‘Paste’ or upload a link to the image for which you want to look for and hit it off on ‘Search’. Get on a possible match and then click‘Switch’ for toggling between your original photo and the matching picture. ‘Tineye’ is going to display the URL next to every thumbnail in the search results list.

  • Conduct a reverse photo search using ‘Search by Image’ option of Google. Navigate to the website of ‘Google Images’ and hit on the ’camera’ icon on search bar. ‘Enter’ or upload the URL for the picture and then click ‘Search’. You will have results separated into visually alike matches as well as identical matches, with links and thumbnails to every site.

  • Make use of a commercial recovery service. ’ImageRights’ tracks unauthorized picture use and pursues reimbursement from sites, which violate copyright rules. Fees differ depending on the service level you need.

  • Check the statistics page of your web host. Look for photos that receive multiple referrals from a single site. This is a symbol that the website may be displaying a photo from your service on their site. Many blogging platforms and web hosts provide complete visitor information, a few image-hosting websites like Photobucket, Picasa and Flickr give the chance to see statistical information about individuals who see your photos.

Though it is impossible to prevent others from using your photos, there are a few things, which you can do for making it really tough! You can watermark your images. For this, you need to use a photo-editing toolfor adding text to your photo. This might discourage others from repurposing your photos. You can also use a Javascript code on your site if your images are being taken from there. The code will not allow the less tech-savvy thieves to conduct right click; however, individuals who have technical know-how will not have any problem taking images from your site even if there is a Javascript code.

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