How to Share Your Wi-Fi without Revealing the Password
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How to Share Your Wi-Fi without Revealing the Password

Many people today use this Wi-Fi technology and have Wi-Fi routers in their homes and offices that cover a certain radius around the Wi-Fi router. This allows internet to be used on wireless devices like the laptop or tablets anywhere in the Wi-Fi zone of the WiFi router.

Sharing Wi-Fi

Many times people live in apartment buildings and at close proximity to each other. This allows the radius of the Wi-Fi zone to reach your neighbor’s house. Many times when the neighbor’s Wi-Fi is not working or there is some technical problem with it, a neighbor can come to your home to ask whether they can share your Wi-Fi for some time as your Wi-Fi connection zone covers the neighbors dwelling. You would gladly help out the neighbor, but most people do not like to give the password of the Wi-Fi to somebody else. Fortunately there is a way to share the password without revealing the password.

Steps to Share the Wi-Fi without revealing Password

There is a solution to this problem if you want to share your Wi-Fi with an iOS, Android or any other device that has the ability to read QR codes. A QR code is a matrix Bar Code that holds information in a cryptic matrix bar code format. The QR code can hold all the Wi-Fi information like Wi-Fi network name, password, encoding type and other details of the Wi-Fi in the QR code. A QR code can be shared with your neighbor and if the device that the person receiving the Wi-Fi has the ability to read QR codes it will be able to scan the QR code. This way the neighbor or any person who wants to use your Wi-Fi will get the information needed to activate your Wi-Fi on their computing device without getting the password.

The process is very simple. Go online and find a good QR code generator that lets you generate a QR code for the Wi-Fi. Go to the option of generating a new QR code. Fill in all the details of the Wi-Fi connection like the SSID, network name, password, encoding type and other details. Click on “Generate” and get a QR code for the Wi-Fi. Then you can share this code with people you would like to share your Wi-Fi with without revealing the password.

The easy way to disconnect the Wi-Fi is by turning off the router for a few minutes. The QR code needs to be scanned again to re-access the Wi-Fi. This is an easy way to share Wi-Fi without revealing the password.

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