How to Transfer Gmail Messages to another Email Address
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How to Transfer Gmail Messages to another Email Address

Nowadays people have multiple or more than one email accounts where they receive messages. Sometimes when new email addresses are opened, it is irritating to go back and check messages that are still in the old accounts. For these problems there is a simple solution if you want to transfer Gmail account messages to another account. It is less time consuming to check one account where you get all your mail, than to check multiple accounts. There is a really cool option called the Google mail fetcher utility that is provided by Google. Moreover this new account need not be a Gmail email address.


Steps to Transfer Gmail messages to new Account

• It is possible to send all the mails from a Gmail account to the new even if it does not support POP3 based importing. This is possible by auto forwarding all the old messages to your new account by using the Google Script.
• The first step in configuration of the script is to log on to the old Google account via Google Docs and copying the mail forwarding script to your Google drive. Keep in mind this Google drive should be associated with your old Gmail address.
• On the Google sheet, you will see a new Gmail menu. Click on the drop down of the Gmail menu and then authorize to the Google Script to get access to your Gmail account. The script is now authorized.
• The next step is to transfer the old messages in your old account to your new account. To do this go to the Gmail and click on the drop down. Select the option of transfer. You will see a window asking you to put the new email address. Enter the new email address where you would like to transfer your old messages from the previous Gmail account. The old messages will be auto forwarded to the new account.
• The Google script will transfer the old messages to your new account. They will be labeled “cloned” so that they are identified as forwarded messages from the old account.

This will help you transfer all the old messages to your new account. This however does not include spam, trash and sent messages. It’s a great way to keep all your electronic mail together and organized. Time period of transfer depends on the number of mails that are to be transferred.

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