How to Use Evernote on Android Devices
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How to Use Evernote on Android Devices

Nowadays apps and softwares on smartphones or tablets are gaining popularity as billions of people all over the world use smartphones or more are expected to do so in the coming years. Smartphones and tablets have seen a huge boost in sales in the last few years. The top companies that sell smartphones and tablets include Apple, Samsung, LG and Google Nexus. While Apple products use iOS Operating System for their devices many of the other popular brands run on the Android Operating System. Top players in the market that use Android include Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Google Nexus.

One of the key reasons why these devices are so popular all over the world is because one can run different apps and softwares on them. Millions of apps are being used and new are being developed the world over today. These include gaming apps, productivity apps, music apps and other entertaining and useful apps that get downloaded by millions of users every day all over the world. One of the popular apps today is Evernote which is a software suite and services app designed for note making and archiving. This app is available on Android devices for free and is one of the most popular apps on Android. It is already downloaded by millions of users.

What is Evernote?


Evernote is an app that helps in note making, archiving and organizing various important details in daily life. This is an app to help the users archive important information and also organize everything in life from archiving life long memories to making everyday important to do lists or important reminders for meetings or events in one’s life. It is a great app for people who like proper organization in their life and also for people who have a habit of forgetting important work or daily chores easily.

How to Use Evernote on Android Devices

1. Evernote is available on Google Play Store for free. The first step for an Android smartphone or tablet user is to download the free app on their device. This is fairly simple as the users simply have to search for the app in the Android Play Store and then click on Install.

2. Next step is to open the Home Page on Evernote. Whatever you store on your Evernote Account will be automatically synced on all the devices that you access your Evernote Account from on Android. The Evernote app lets the users capture, browse, search and edit Notes that are made on the Evernote account through any device that you operate the account from, be it smartphones, laptops, tablets or computers.

3. Making Notes: There are 4 types of Notes that can be made on the Evernote app on Android. One can make simple text notes by opening the “Note Editor” or make a “Snapshot” Note by capturing a picture with the smartphones primary or secondary camera. The users can also make Notes by using the “Audio” option by simply tapping on the audio icon and capturing an audio recording. Another option available to the users is the “Attach” option which helps the users attach files that they want to organize as Notes on Evernote. Notes are properly organized and available to view in the Notes View option. There is also a “Create Notes Button” in the bottom left corner in “Notes View” that can be used to create new notes.

4. Browse and Search Notes: Browsing Evernote Notes is very simple by using Note View. There are various categories that you can make in Notes View by joining different “Notebook” Categories and adding Notes in appropriate categories. To view all the Tags in the Evernote account one can simply access the “Tags View” button on the Home Page of Evernote. There are also options like Place Views and Map Views available on Evernote. In Place View, the Notes are categorized based on where they were created whereas in Map View one can see on the maps where the Notes were created. Users can easily search the notes they make on Evernote with the search icon available on Evernote. There is also an advanced search option available on Evernote.

5. Organize and Share Notes: The Notes can be easily organized by categorizing them into individual “Notebooks”. For example Notes related to the “Travel” information can simply just be listed in the “Travel” Notebook created in Evernote. There is also a Shortcut Menu that can be created and accessed from anywhere in Evernote except the Home screen. Shortcut Menu includes Notebook Shortcuts, Notes Shortcuts and Tags Shortcuts. The Notes can also easily be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social apps using the Share icon on Evernote. A Public URL for the Note can also be created so that it can be accessed by anybody on the web.

Evernote is a great app on Android which has millions of users downloading it from all over the world making it a top app on Android today.

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