How to Use Facebook Tools for Marketing
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How to Use Facebook Tools for Marketing

Marketing through social media today can give amazing returns on investment to the sellers of various products and services. Facebook is at the forefront of this and with over a billion active users, Facebook is the perfect platform to reach target audiences through social media marketing. However there are some tools that help advertise better on Facebook which are quite unknown to all the marketers. Using these tools helps increase the ROI through Facebook Marketing. The Following are some of the Facebook Tools for marketing:

Core Audiences


A great audience targeting feature is Core Audiences which is available through the Power Editor on Facebook. This tool helps the advertisers gives expanded targeting options and features like improved demographics, interest and behavior based targeting among others.

Lookalike Audiences


This is an extension of the Custom Audience tool on Facebook. It is a great way to expand the customer base. What it essentially does is, it allows marketers to upload contacts via phone numbers, email IDs, Facebook IDs and Mobile advertisers IDs to Facebook. Facebook goes through them and then provides the advertisers with more contacts that are similar to the ones given to them by the advertisers.

Power Editor


Power Editor is a great useful platform available to Facebook advertisers to reach the target audiences via Facebook. This Facebook plugin which acts as an extension of the self-serve ad platform can be downloaded through Google Chrome Browser and it provides you with all the new advertising features available at Facebook like Custom Audiences and other advance targeting options that are currently available to advertisers through Facebook.

Custom Reports


The ability to test the advertisement helps advertisers assess the success of the ad campaign. This testing procedure was often expensive and not suitable for campaigns on a budget. Custom Reports was a feature introduced by Facebook to tackle this problem. This feature provides the advertisers not just features like CPCs, CTRs and Conversion Rates but also provides demographic information like statistics, gender, age group, placement and geographical location.

Dark Posts


A Dark Post or an Unpublished Post is a great tool to help conduct A/B tests or multivariate tests on your ads on Facebook. Essential dark posts are posts like status updates, links, sharing of videos or photos by the advertisers which were never meant as promoted or “organic” posts. This helps the advertisers launch promoted posts at the same time without spamming the target audiences and also helps conduct tests on these promoted posts without the time factor being a variable.

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