How to use Google Drive in Android to Save Receipts
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How to use Google Drive in Android to Save Receipts

Google Drive came into existence in April of 2012 as an online file storage and synchronization service by Google. The Google Drive today is used by millions of people around the world to store documents, files, spreadsheets and more. Moreover it is a cloud storage and file sharing service offered by Google.

It is important to keep receipts of the purchases that you make. However to keep these bits of paper properly is a task and the chances of losing a receipt is high. Moreover many of the receipts are made of thermal paper and the ink evaporates after a while. This leaves the customer with a blank receipt. The following is an easy way to use Google Drive in Android to save the receipts on the smartphone or tablet.

How to use Google Drive in Android to Save Receipts- CGB

How it Works

1. Get the latest version of Google drive on Android and open Google Drive on the Play store on your Android Phone. The next step is to open a new folder on the Google Drive and name it “Receipts” or something appropriate which tells you that this is the receipts folder. Creating a separate receipts folder will help you be organized on Google Drive.

2. Next step is to scan the receipts. Use the plus sign on the latest Android phones to choose the scan option from the popup menu. For some older devices one will have to go back to the home menu page to select the Scan option.

3. Align the receipt paper with the scan’s viewfinder and scan the receipt. Using landscape mode is mostly the right option and also if the lighting is weak, one can tap on the lightning bolt icon. This will help turn the camera light on and give better visibility and light to the receipt that is about to be scanned.

4. Scan the receipt with your scanner on the Android Phone and save the PDF file in Google Drive. Sometimes lengthy receipts require an extra PDF page to scan which can be done easily by tapping on the “add another page” option.

The scanned receipt can be then saved as PDF documents on the receipts folder of Google Drive. This is a very organized way to store receipts instead of saving them in a dusty box in the closet. Optical Character Recognition helps easy search of these files on Google Drive. This is another cool feature that allows latest technology to help better organize our lives.

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