Initial Review of the Windows 10

Initial Review of the Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system, the Windows 10 at the end of September 2014. The stable release to the wider audiences will happen only around mid-2015. Windows 10 which is Microsoft’s latest operating system will be a successor to Windows 8.1. Windows is a top operating system for Desktops, Laptops and PCs all over the world for decades now. Windows 10 is the latest version and Microsoft has added many features that improve the user interface of the operating system and also provide some old favorite features to the new version of the operating system.


Some Features & HD wallpaper of the Windows 10  

• Windows 10 is an operating system by Microsoft for a wide range of devices from PCs and Desktops to Smartphones. The fact that it can run on all major types of computing devices is a big thumbs up for the OS.

• Windows 10 is able to work on all devices because Microsoft has had a clear strategy of unifying three operating systems into one when it comes to Windows 10. This means that Windows 10 will be a unified operating system for Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Embedded.

• The operating system has new features that enable the users to navigate better between apps and also helps users have a clear idea of all the applications that are open on Windows.

• There is an attempt made by Microsoft to incorporate string features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is so that users of both the previous versions of Windows will have a sense of familiarity with Windows 10 and look at it as an upgraded version of both these previous Windows versions.

• Windows 10 brings back the much loved Start Menu which was removed in the previous versions of the OS. When it comes to this feature Windows 10 incorporates the old and new to create a good user interface. On the left the Start Menu is available while on the right the modern “live tiles” like the Windows 8 are available for the users.

• Start Menu is familiar to users that have been using Windows for a long time. The Start Menu and Task Bar are likely to be a hit among people who did not appreciate the fact that they were removed from the UI in the previous versions.

• The concept of Universal Windows App is introduced with Windows 10. This means user data and licenses for an app can be shared in multiple platforms.

• Though many of the older features are making a comeback in Windows 10, Windows 10 operating system will be touch-enabled, ensuring that users can use the OS using a touch-screen computing device.


Some “Windows Insiders” are going to get the “Technical Preview” of Windows 10 in October 2014. However the operating system as mentioned above will not be available for the general public till mid-2015. Windows 10 promises to upgrade a lot of features that did not work so well in Windows 8. This new operating system has Windows fans excited as Windows is still one of the top computer operating systems in the world.

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