iPhone vs Android Phone 2016
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iPhone vs Android Phone 2016

Today we shall look at why Apple has an Upper hand over Android from the 2016 perspective. From the Apple store apps, to the ageless camera, there is a reason why the iPhone is still a favorite among the masses. Moreover, with the soon to be released iPhone 7, there is a lot more we can expect from Apple.

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With the iPhone 6 and 6 plus now in the market, several new features have been introduced that have propelled the iPhone into the number one category once again. Although the introduction of even bigger players in the market including Samsung S7 and the LG G5 are a tough competition for Apple, there are still many instances when the iPhone triumphs and the reasons are listed below:

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Reasons Why an iPhone is Better Than An Android Phone

  • iPhone Has The best Looking Apps

There is no denying that apps generally look better on an iPhone than Android both feature wise and in general. There are also certain features of some apps that will be released on an iPhone first and on an Android later on. Take Snapchat for example, it has features that look better on the iPhone than on the Android.


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  • Quick Updates

Apple enables users to update their software on their idevices within minutes of it being released whereas with Android, one has to wait for several months, in fact many times, the best option for an Android user is to replace his/her phone with a handset that has the latest software.


  • Compatible With All iDevices

All your iDevices can be synched and work well together. For example, if your iPhone and Mac are both synced with each other, you can complete tasks that you started on one device on another, e.g. you can start typing a message on your iPhone and send it from your MacBook, can Android beat that? Unfortunately no.


  • Apple Care and iPhone Warranty

For only $99, Apple is making an offer to its users that can’t be refused i.e. a two year warranty. This means that for two years any accidental issue will be taken care of by Apple Care. This kind of warranty should be taken advantage of by iPhone users as it is not something which Android phones offer.


  • Resell Value

Selling your iPhone after a few months or years of use shall still fetch you a decent sum of money compared to Android phones. The case with Android phones is a whole lot different. I mean you can purchase the latest Android phone but when you try selling it, its price would have depreciated greatly.


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  • Easy To Use

IPhones are still the easiest phones to use. You simply have to swipe right and unlock the screen, then start using it by clicking on the icons of your interest. Some Android phones like the Samsung can only be used after going through a comprehensive user manual.


  • Carrier Free Apps

When you purchase an iPhone, it will come will only a few default apps which are not carrier based. However, Android phones come with unnecessary carrier tied apps which you may never need. These apps also take up a lot of space on your phone because they can’t be uninstalled, but only disabled.

Initially the carrier based apps may not pose an issue in the beginning, but as your needs grow and you require more memory, only then do you feel the inconvenience.


  • Effortless Sharing

When you own an iPhone, sharing messages and media files with other iPhone users is an easy and interesting process. For example, sharing your location with friends is only a tap or two away and so is sharing media files and links with the AirDrop feature.

This may look like a lesser known feature, but in case one of your acquaintances swaps an iPhone for an Android phone, only then will you feel the gap because you will have to download several apps to establish the same kind of flawless communication again.


  • Charging: Lightning vs. Micro USB

Apple’s reversible lightening cable meant to charge and sync the iPhone is way better than Android’s micro USB. You will not get confused on how to plug the cable due to the fact that there is no top to bottom, while micro USB users have to spend a few minutes fidgeting on figuring which is the correct side.

Although some Android phones such as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have introduced the wireless charging which is superior to the lightning in some aspects, a few tasks still demand a micro USB.

However, there is growing support for the USB C, which allows Android phones to be able to connect to charge on both the top and bottom ends of a cable.



The above a just a few of the many reasons why the iPhone still rocks and is way better than the Android. Do have more points to add to the above key findings? If yes, Please let us know in the comments section.

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