Know How Video Can Be Beneficial For Your Law Firm Website
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Know How Video Can Be Beneficial For Your Law Firm Website

In order to remain in the competitive world on the web, the use of videos is very key. Since majority of law firms are developing online presence, you need to differentiate yourself from others by including a video about your firm on your website. While it is not a guarantee that it will lead to an increase in your business, the use of video is a distinct way of promoting and marketing your law firm. A video is now a powerful tool that can increases your law firm’s popularity and simplicity, increase page views as well as attract and keep clients. The following is a detailed outline to help you know how video can be beneficial for your law firm website.


To some clients, their first time meeting with lawyers make them nervous and uneasy. Thus, introducing yourself to them through a video link takes away this anxiety. A video helps clients to know who you are, where you are located and what you are capable of doing for them. It’s therefore necessary to have a brief video that introduces and describes your law firm in terms of activities, bookings and any other information you may wish to share with the potential clients. An introductory video saves both you and your client’s time. Furthermore, instead of meeting with every potential client physically, the video filters and brings you ready clients who have decided to hire you.


The only way to show your emotions on your website is by using texts and images. However, the use of a video gives potential clients a chance to see your looks, actions and emotions. Using a video is an outstanding way of protecting your emotions, understanding and concern to clients. Potential clients who believe in what the video describes will automatically choose you over your competitors and hence it’s a good way of marketing your firm as well. If your firm practices personal injury or criminal law, then videos are very vital for marketing yourself to clients with such issues. This is because; an injured person may wish to have a bold and self-confident lawyer. The video is the only way to show this personality to potential clients.


In the coming days, all search engines will integrate videos as part of ranking websites in search engine results. To prove this, Google has already factored videos as one of the factors in determining website rankings in search engine results. Posting of videos on your law firm website will tremendously hicom/category/internet/” target=”_blank”>boost your rankings in search engine results. Also, it shall make your site avoid unnecessary stiff competition from other local law firms in terms of top positions on all search engine result pages. After posting a video to your law firm website, it will be easy for potential clients to locate your site plus any other information. On the other hand, videos can drive traffic to your law firm website. This can be achieved through using the targeted keywords when tilting and tagging your videos, creating different videos each targeting a specific search term and using multiple video sharing sites to increase links back to your site.


Putting a video on your website in the right manner will improve your potential client’s browsing experience. To enhance efficiency, the video must be integrated impeccably into your website. On the homepage, either a biographical or an introductory video should be placed. On the same basis, you may dedicate a page about your firm’s bankruptcy practice and incorporate it with a video explaining basic concept of bankruptcy law. If many potential clients read about the law and how it applies in real life, the more interested they will get to know your firm.


High quality videos on a law firm website create a unique first impression to potential clients. At present, not many law firms use videos on their website. Doing so could place you miles ahead of other firms. By placing a well shot video on high definition with full of content and enough lighting, it proves that you are a high quality firm. The video should also be well edited, have good graphics and quality sound effects. This will impress the potential clients and even give them a desire to know your firm more.

Billy Camryn is an online consultant for CarsonCity-DUI-Attorney. He likes blogging about Legal issues, Business law and Internet Marketing Tips.

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