How to Find LSI Keywords – #Tutorial
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How to Find LSI Keywords – #Tutorial

LSI Keywords Research

Does it sound like a new word to you? Well, let me tell you, if you implement LSI keywords perfectly in your content, chances are you can beat your competition like a walk in the park.

The good days of keyword stuffing have gone that you can’t fool Google around by bombarding an article with the same keyword. That’s why you need a guide on LSI keywords. And, here it comes.

How to Find LSI Keywords within No Time?

I hope that some of you don’t have an idea of what exactly is an LSI keyword. Hence, it would not be a fair play if I never explain the same.

What are these much Hyped LSI Keywords?

As you are new to this whole LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) thing, you may think these are another overhyped term. But it’s not! I swear that you are going to reap the benefits in a row if you devote enough time to learn how to find and use them.

In simple terms, LSI keywords are the related phrases of the main keyword itself. It may or may not be the synonyms.

To get a clear idea about what an LSI keyword exactly is, refer to some LSI keyword examples below.

How to find LSI Keywords

I have searched for ‘cellphone’. But see what I got in return. Apart from the exact search term, there are mobile phones and smartphones on the SERP. In fact, it is evident that it is possible to rank for the keyword cellphone using the other two variants. And, these exact search term variants are called by the name LSI keywords.

Note: – Don’t confuse LSI with long tail keywords. An LSI keyword does not narrow down the search, but a long tail keyword does.

How to Find LSI Keywords without Sweating?

Yes, I am finally here to unveil the quick methods of finding Google LSI keywords. As you can see, the guide is divided into several section based on different ways.

Method 1: Using Google

Do you know we can find a bunch of LSI keywords with high search volume on Google? That too in a few seconds!!

Most probably, Google is the fastest and the easiest LSI keywords tool you can ever come across.

Step 1: Go to and insert your main keyword there.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom. There you go! You can see 8-10 LSI keywords under the label, searches related to your keyword.

LSI Keywords

This is what I got for the term cellphone. You already know the fact that LSI is not really the synonym.

Method 2: Using LSI Graph

LSI Graph is an impressive LSI keywords generator with a captivating design. Read how to find profitable LSI keywords with it.

Step 1: Visit You can see a search field above a captcha check.

LSI Keyword Tool

Step 2: All you need to do is type your primary keyword there and tick that ReCaptcha checkbox. Don’t forget to hit the Generate button as well.

LSI Keywords

The image given above is the result I got for the primary keyword, LSI keywords.

The biggest benefit of LSI graph is the number of results it returns. You can scroll down to see more of it.

Method 3: Using is one of the best LSI keyword research tools, which offers search strings from Google, YouTube, Amazon, Fiverr, Bing, etc.

In a few steps, you can pull out a lot of keywords.

Step 1: Go to There, you see a web page like the image given below.

LSI Keyword finder

Step 2: First, you need to choose the service. As you are interested in finding Google LSI keywords, you should choose the first one. Or select any one from the row.

Step 3: Then, you must insert a seed keyword using which the tool is going to display LSIs.

Step 4: Finally, choose the country specific version from which you want to pull the keywords out using the drop-down menu. And, hit the Search button.

I put the seed keyword weight loss into the field to get tons of keywords.

LSI Keyword Generator

It may take a while according to the number of available LSI keywords. The higher the number, the longer the process will be.

Method 4: Using SEOPressor

Are you a WordPress blogger looking forward to minimizing the efforts of LSI keyword hunting? Then you must use SEOPressor as it is the best LSI keywords WordPress plugin.

It uses Bing APIs to suggest a bunch of LSI keywords on your WP dashboard.

You can insert up to three seed keywords based on which SEOPressor gives you LSI suggestions.

The good thing is you will get over-optimization notifications.


Other free LSI keywords tools, you may find useful.

  • com
  • io
  • com
  • org
  • Google Keyword Planner

Image 7

Points to Ponder while Using LSI Keywords

  • If you can spare some time, I recommend pulling out phrases from an LSI keywords generator and uploading the same on Keyword Planner. You will get to know the keywords with highest search volume by doing so.
  • Don’t drop keywords for the sake of using it. Instead, try to make sense by weaving meaningful content including the LSIs.
  • Use LSI keywords on multiple positions like meta description, sub-heads, alt tags, etc.
  • Be discrete while you choose keywords because the tools will return unrelated LSI keywords at times. So the readability will be at stake.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have found my short guide to finding and implementing LSI keywords useful.

Even if you are not convinced to use LSI keywords, I have one thing to tell you. You are sacrificing a gold mine of opportunities. Just implement some LSI keywords in your next article and see the difference. Then, you will start believing me.

If you feel to have any extra info related to this topic, you can let me know using the comment section down below.

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