MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin Solution

MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin Solution

To stand out in front of your business challengers considering every latest trend in an innovative technology is a must. Woocommerce is the most prominent and open e-commerce solution for WordPress customers. Free, open source, unmatched Freedom, flexibility and many other salient features are few characteristics of this consistent e-commerce platform.  More than 30 percent e-commerce stores are powered by the Woocommerce and coming years will be fetching more success for this crucial platform.My post is about MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin Solutions. here you can read Why WooCommerce builder achieved that much popularity as the best e-commerce platform and more. Let’s get started and check out the best MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin Solutions.

We can estimate its popularity through that it’s market space which is much higher than other e-commerce solutions.

To streamline the selling process online, Woocommerce is undoubtedly rocking solid platform. Woocommerce offers something for every e-commerce store that’s why it has been adopted by over 380,000 online retailers.

There are other options besides WooCommerce, such as Shopify, and you’ll find more articles which compare the two. But WooCommerce is the most popular of the two, and its pricing structure is typically more beneficial in the long run.
To learn more about WooCommerce and other products such as Shopify, click here now.

MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin

MSG91 Woocommerce SMS Plugin

Why WooCommerce builder achieved that much popularity as the best e-commerce platform:

WooCommerce powered by WordPress offers great features for your online business in minutes. Latest design standard, themes allows you to exhibit your business essence and presence in a more effective and easiest way. Woocommerce promises to make a simple and user responsive online store with complete access and control of online store and data. It also comes with less learning curve so like other online solutions it will not limit the usage. A vendor can use it even if he hasn’t greater knowledge of the technical aspects.

WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications

SMS has a 98% open rate. This viable marketing channel can be a superior option for every size of an e-commerce store. In addition to it, Instant messaging capabilities help you to increase sales response even if you’re offline. So to take your e-commerce business to next higher level SMS notification integration is a must. In a variety of SMS notification plugins with free of cost or minimal cost, Woocommerce APG SMS notification plugin developed by MSG91 is one of the optimum solutions in the market. “WC – APG SMS Notifications” is open source software. APG SMS Notification Plugin was evolved to add to WooCommerce the ability to send notifications about the orders placed in WooCommerce through SMS messages. MSG91 Woocommerce SMS plugin allows the user to customize the notification text from admin panel. You can also include your own external SMS provider gateways or create custom event listeners for 3rd party plugins.

Here we have outlined step by step guidance how to send SMS from WordPress using MSG91 SMS Notification Plugin.

  • Step1: Install WooCommerce APG SMS Notification Plugin
  • You can download the plugin directly from this link:
  • You can also search it by using ‘WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications’ query
  • Once the installation is completed, you can click on the activate plugin link to activate the plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Now you can see WooCommerce in left Options.
  • Step 2: Get SMS API Key from MSG91 Account
  • Visit the below link to check how to get SMS API Key:
  • Step 3: Setting Up MSG91 SMS API Integration
  • Now you’ve linked APG SMS plugin to the WordPress website, then next step is to join together the MSG91 API
  • To start with click on WooCommerce >> SMS Notifications

Now there are few options in dropdowns you need to choose. These options are mentioned below:-

  • From SMS Gateway: You have to select MSG91 to integrate SMS API.
  • To Key: You need to enter Auth Key which you will obtain from MSG91.
  • To Sender-Id: You have to enter any 6 characters which will show on receiver mobile.
  • From Route: You have to select value 1 for Promotional Route and 4 for Transactional Route.
  • To Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number on which you want to get SMS.

Now, enter the text which you want to send in Text SMS and click on Save Changes. You can test it by raising an order. If everything works smoothly, you’ll receive an SMS on your phone.

Notable features of MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Plugin:-

  • Support multiple SMS gateways
  • Possibility to inform the vendor the store about new orders.
  • Support international SMS.
  • Possibility to notify to shipping phone number, if it’s different from the billing phone number.
  • 100% compatible with WPML.
  • Support for custom order statuses.
  • Automatically insert the global prefix number(if it’s needed)
  • All messages are customizable.
  • You can choose which messages to send.
  • You can add your own custom variables.
  • Allows to prevent sending the SMS messages from third-party plugins
  • Allows customization of SMS messages from third-party plugins.

For More Information, you can check the below video

Woocommerce has been established its big position in e-commerce market with its commanding skills and caters a number of e-commerce specific needs to every business regardless of its size. With powerful features, plugging, themes and services it’s an idyllic solution adopted by the smallest local shop and the largest multinational stores.

For ease of use and almost countless variety, Woocommerce is still the top alternative out there today.

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