Top 10 Must Have Gadgets Under Rs 500

Top 10 Must Have Gadgets Under Rs 500

Whenever we think of buying technology products or latest gadgets the first thought that pops to our minds is the damage these purchases might make to our wallet. We love to buy latest gadgets but do not always like to spend thousands of rupees buying them. The following are some really cool gadgets that are priced under Rs. 500. These are really affordable and give good value to money. Also these gadgets are innovative and of great use to tech savvy buyers and are deemed as must have gadgets under Rs 500. Let’s get started to find out some affordable and cool gadgets under Rs. 500 to make your tech life more easier to survive.

Must Have Gadgets Under Rs. 500

  1. Gofreetech Wireless Optical Mouse –  Rs 449 
  2. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard – Rs 449
  3. Daily Objects Leather Mouse Pad – Rs 249
  4. Artis Power safe USB Wall Charger – Rs 599
  5. 5 In 1 Universal Socket – Rs 499
  6. Baymax Water Bottles – Rs 499
  7. Memore VR Shinecon – Rs 499
  8. GIZGA Cable Organiser – Rs 349
  9. GoFree Armor Hard Disk – Rs 449
  10. Rovking Sport Workout Headphones – Rs 449


1. Gofreetech Wireless Optical Mouse

Gofreetech Wireless Optical Mouse - Computergeekblog

When it comes to cool techgadgets, this wireless mouse that costs Rs.449 is a great buy. It has a 2.4g wireless connection and an operating range of 10 meters. The mouse supports different operating systems like Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7/8 and also Mac 10.x. It has a cool energy saving design, available in different colors and also comes with IR light tracing technology.

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BUY NOW  – Gofreetech GFT-M002 Wireless Optical Mouse, Black

2. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard

Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard Computergeekblog

This is a fabulous buy and amust have gadgetunder Rs. 500. This USB Keyboard priced at an affordable price of Rs. 378, has many cool features. Top features of this keyboard include spill resistant keyboard design, noiseless and smooth keystrokes, fade-proof UV coated letters, easy multimedia, music and volume short cuts and a 1 year warranty.

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BUY NOW – Amkette Xcite PRO USB Keyboard (Black)

3. Daily Objects Leather Mouse Pad


Daily Objects Leather Mouse Pad computergeekblog

This precision leather mouse pad is a great buy for Rs.499. This handmade and 100% genuine leather mouse pad is a cool tech product that has a sleek and stylish design. This mouse pad has a non-slip base and a classic style that will work perfectly with different types of mouse options.

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BUY NOW Colorpur Gator Brown Leather Print Designer Mouse Pad 

4. Artis Power safe USB Wall Charger


Artis Power safe USB Wall Charger compuetrgeekblog

One of the most basic problems for us as tech savvy people today is too many gadgets and not enough charging points. There is a simple solution to this issue with this innovative USB Wall Charger that converts a power socket into four separate USB ports. This Rs. 499 Wall Charger is a must have buy which comes with over charging, over heating & short circuit protection and also has a sleek superior quality build. This compact device is easily portable and is a great buy for an affordable price point.

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BUY NOW – Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger (4.2A Max. Output)

5. – 5 In 1 Universal Socket


5 In 1 Universal Socket Computergeekblog

As the problem of limited power sockets and multiple gadgets is universal, another useful buy in this category is this 5 In 1 Universal Socket. This Rs. 499 Wall charger comes with a flame resistant and fire resistant PC Alloy Shell, 4 USB ports and a universal socket. It is also quite portable and has an extension power cord of 5 feet. It is Dual USB compatible with smartphones and tablets.

BUY NOW – 5 In 1 Universal Socket And 4 USB Port 

6. Baymax Water Bottles


Baymax Water Bottles Computergeekblog

In the world of cool tech products, innovative and fun accessories for the desk are always a good idea. It has a stylish technology inspired design and this water bottle can hold up to 300 ml liquid. It has a water bottle made of Borosilicate glass and is break resistant. It is a particular good option for gift giving as it looks really cute and serves a useful purpose. It is available for Rs. 450.

BUY NOW Baymax Water Bottles

7. Memore VR Shinecon


Memore VR Shinecon computergeekblog

This Rs. 499 multipurpose remote is a great choice and a must have gadgetas it performs different functions. It doubles as a remote control device for your computer, Smart TV, Android and IOS devices as well as a game pad with a joystick and ABXY buttons. This device can be used for presentations, gaming and eBook Readers. It does not need to be charged constantly as this Bluetooth Remote/Gamepad operates using 2 AAA Batteries which are quite long lasting.

BUY NOW – Memore VR Shinecon

8. GIZGA Cable Organiser


GIZGA Cable Organiser computergeekblog

Nobody likes a messy desk space. The GIZGA Cable Organiser costs just Rs. 349 and is a great way to organize all the cable cords together and is a cool techproduct to have. The product is made of neoprene and has flexible Velcro and 18 machine-cut intermediate cord holes for the cables. It is made of flexible material and has a Velcro to secure the cables within the organizer in an effective way.

BUY NOW – Gizga Cable Organiser >

9. GoFree Armor Hard Disk


GoFree Armor Hard Disk computergeekblog

This product is a double protection Armor Hard Disk case with improved protection. This Rs. 449 product has a hard shock proof exterior design with a ribbed structure, air cushion protection on the inside with a Velcro safety strap and a nylon mesh pocket for accessories.

BUY NOW – GoFree Armor Hard Disk

10. Rovking Sport Workout Headphones


Rovking Sport Workout Headphones computergeekblog

For listening to music or talking on the phone while exercising, sweat-proof headphones have become a must have gadget. These Rovking Headphones that are priced at Rs. 499 are lightweight, comfortable, have a snug fit and also come with a button to take calls. They are noise cancelling headphones so they are great in noisy places but not the best idea in traffic.


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