Now its Easy to Develop for Android

Now its Easy to Develop for Android

Development of apps is a lucrative business as people are developing millions of apps for smartphones and tablet devices. Many of the apps are designed for android operating system smartphone and tablets as it is the most popular operating system and many of the devices operate using Android OS. Android keeps updating its versions and the latest is called Jelly Bean.

The development of these apps has become easier in the last year or so because of many factors that have contributed in making app development for Android devices much easier than before. The following are some of the factors that have made android development easy:

• Previously the different smartphones and tablets that used Android OS were varied, as in the handsets made by different companies differed. So to launch an app worldwide a large number of different android phones and the hardware of these phones varied substantially. So in the past the apps had to be tested on hundreds of devices. There has been standardization in the handset industry since then and people are buying similar phones all over the world. So only the app has to be now tested on fewer devices making it easier for development of the app.

• Also the latest Jelly Bean version of the Android operating systems has fewer variants as compared to its previous versions so this also makes it easy to develop an app for the Android Jelly Bean version. The software quality assurance testing for apps for android phones and tablets is much easier than it was just a few months or a year ago.

• Nowadays apps are being designed keeping marketing principles in mind. Apps for the wider audience as well as apps targeted to a specific demographic or niche audiences. By creating apps for target audiences the apps are getting very successful as they are liked by the target audiences.

• Another factor is android’s market share in the mobile computer operating system industry is increasing and it is reaching to a much wider audience. By testing the apps for both low end and high end devices it is easier for the app development companies to reach a wider audience with its apps.

As technology improves constantly and the market becomes more and more streamlined it is easier for the people developing android app to design apps for the target android customers as millions of people use android devices today.

Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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