Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger – Review
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Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger – Review

In today’s world we are constantly running out of money and charging points. Out of these two, finding a solution to charging points seems like the easier of the two options. We have multiple devices plugged in to plug points in our offices and houses and constantly there are shortages of these plug points to use every day. Our laptops, smartphones, tablets and computing devices need to be charged many times a day if they are to be used throughout the day without them going off because of low battery. The solution to this is problem is the Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger. This highly affordable gadget can charge multiple devices at once and is a perfect gadget for people constantly running short of plug points to charge their electronic gadgets. The following are some detailed features of the Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger.

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Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger


    • This wall charger is compact device that directly plugs in to the wall socket or plug point without any wires or cable cords. It has a 4.2 AMP Total Max Output and a Pure 2.1 A + 1A output feature.
    • The main USP of this device is that it has 4 USB ports that can be simultaneously used as charging devices. So this means it can charge multiple devices like smartphones and tablets at once. Usually what happens is that because of limited plug points, we charge one device and the other is in queue. When we live or work in the same environment with family and friends this can lead to arguments on who gets to charge their devices first.
    • There are 2 USB Ports (1A+1A) and 2 USB ports (2.1A +2.1A). As mentioned above 4 devices can be charged simultaneously using this wall charger (1A+1A+1A+1A).
    • This Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger is designed in such a way that all 4 devices charged simultaneously will be charged at the maximum speed making it convenient for the users who can get 4 devices full charged in one go.


  • The different types of devices that can be charged on this device include smartphones, tablets, MP3, MP4 players, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and a variety of digital products.
  • It has overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection, making it a relatively safe and durable device to use. This makes the device reliable and stable to use.
  • This is a compact device with a superior build in terms of quality, fit and finish. It is available in a white-black color and weighs around 100 grams. This as mentioned above is a wall charger that does not have messy cable cords which makes this device very portable and easy to use. This device can be used by the customers at home as well as in the office.

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The Artis Powersafe U400 4 USB Wall Charger is a value for money buy when it comes to technical gadgets as it provides a much needed solution of shortage of plug points in an effective and innovative way.

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