How to Properly Recycle, Sell or Dispose Old Gadgets
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How to Properly Recycle, Sell or Dispose Old Gadgets

This is a time of fast moving technology as newer gadgets are launched almost every other month. People often buy newer technology gadgets like smartphones, tablets and cameras when they come to the market. This makes older gadgets that people already have obsolete and worthless. There are various ways to dispose of these relatively obsolete gadgets properly and if you want you can also make some money while doing so. The following are ways to deal with older gadgets that you don’t use anymore:

Sell Old Gadgets


• One of the best ways to dispose of old gadgets is to sell it. It earns you some extra cash and also clears the gadget clutter from your homes. Craigslist and eBay are great sites to sell second hand old gadgets for a good price.

• Make sure that you research similar second hand gadgets on these websites so you know the best possible price your old gadgets can get. Also before selling to anybody erase all private data on the gadgets.

• You can also directly sell to companies or also use them in a return policy. This means that when you buy a new smartphone you can give back the older model smartphone back to the company for a discount on the new model.

• There are many shopping sites that also offer to buy your older gadgets but you would probably get a lower price than selling it directly through eBay or Craigslist. However it is much more hassle free than dealing directly with a customer.

• Best Buy, RadioShack, Amazon, NextWorth, Verizon, Gazelle and GameStop are some companies that offer to buy your older best tech gadgets. Most often companies like Amazon will ask for a description of your old gadget. After that the offer will be made and the gadget has to be sent to amazon for inspection. If Amazon is satisfied by the product, they will send a gift card to the owner of the gadget according to what is agreed upon.

Dispose it off

• There is a proper way to recycle or dispose of older gadgets. There are instructions for exact ways to dispose these products and one must follow them.


• If selling the gadgets doesn’t appeal to you every big city has a number of charities where you can donate older gadgets and do your bit for charity.


There are various ways mentioned above to properly get rid of older gadgets that you don’t need so that there is less clutter in your surroundings and the gadgets are recycled in an effective way.

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