Why Raspberry pi Zero Will Dominate in 2016?

Why Raspberry pi Zero Will Dominate in 2016?

Raspberry pi Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero is a slimmed down version of the original Raspberry Pi. It is a very low cost – $5 tiny computer introduced by the Raspberry Pi family. A programmable computer is a must item for many people in the developed world. Since the first Raspberry Pi introduced in 2012, there are millions of happy faces who have chosen Raspberry Pi for their first programming experience. From the starting of the year 2015, the Raspberry Pi family has begun the work to provide an even cheaper, efficient and functional computer to provide the best experience to its end users. And finally, in the ending of the year, the new member of Pi family is announced named as the Raspberry Pi Zero.

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This latest Pi member is made in Wales and available at a cost of just $5. It is a great sidekick for the existing and new Raspberry Pi users. If you are in the starting of your electronic programming, then nothing is better than the Raspberry Pi Zero to deal with.

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Review of Raspberry Pi Zero

When I first heard about the cost of this little computer, I was not believing that it could be true, but surprisingly it is true. Till the current date, Raspberry Pi Zero is the most pared down, slim and lightweight programmable computer. The Pi Zero has an amazing potential to work in IoT (Internet of Things), wearable gadgets, battery powered and embedded projects. Just a little concern is that it needs somewhat a little more endeavor to work with the Raspberry Pi 2.

Let us check the attractive and main features of the Raspberry Pi Zero:


• 1 GHz ARM11 core Broadcom BCM2835 processor, which work 40% faster than the original Raspberry Pi
• A micro SD memory card slot and a Mini HDMI socket for a video output of 1080P60
• Separate micro USB sockets for the power and data
• A 40-pin GPIO header and an unpopulated video header – very identical to Raspberry Pi Model A+/B+/2B
• Smallest in size of 65mmx30mmx5mm

The tiny computer runs on all of your favorite applications including the Raspbian Linux Based OS), Scratch, Sonic Pi, and Minecraft. The users need to have a keyboard, mouse-like input device, screen, and own power supply to get going with Raspberry Pi Zero.

Many components are simplified or removed to cut the cost and to make ease of use of the Pi zero kit. As the Raspberry Pi Founder – Eben Upton said, “Being physically small makes it physically cheaper”. The size and simplicity of the programming device help to make a number of robotics and electronics projects using easy to build Raspberry Pi Starter Kits with Pi Zero. “There are places you can take this that you can’t take the original Pi,” Upton added in his speak to a famous UK magazine.

Even it is the smallest and cheapest, the Raspberry Pi Zero is a fully functional, well featured programmable computer with lots of capabilities. For making even a better and easy experience with the Raspberry Pi Zero, it is recommended that you use Pi Zero protector case, a WiFi dongle for a seamless connectivity, a wireless keyboard and mouse set, a USB powered Hub, a Pi Cobbler or a T-Cobbler which is used to connect LEDs, sensors and more!

From Where Can I Buy Raspberry Pi Zero?

Currently, Raspberry Pi is sold by Pimorani and The Pi Hut in the UK, and by Adafruit in the US. The Raspberry Pi has built a several thousand units of the Pi Zero, and are dedicated to building more and more of it.

The Pi Zero is a good iteration of the Pi family for DIY people. The Raspberry is excellent if you are a Linux developer, working in homemade electronics, in the education field or DIY, or working in the similar developer fields. But it is rather less recommended if you are in the mass market of IoT.

New Raspberry Pi Zero – $5 Computer!

Future of Raspberry Pi Zero

If you want a cheaper programming, computer than Raspberry Pi Zero, then you should demand for a free computer, because Raspberry Pi has just dominated the market by designing this super-cheap and super-small computer which is better for the DIY guys and the test adders in electronics and robotics. It can provide a great experience for the new learners and students.

So, let me end with a one sentence review about the Raspberry Pi Zero, “With the cheap cost, full functionality, capability to work with multiple Operating Systems, and providing a great learning experience to end users the Raspberry Pi Zero will dominate in 2016”.

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