Rookie Facebook Mistakes You Can’t Keep Making
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Rookie Facebook Mistakes You Can’t Keep Making

So you have a business, and naturally, you have created a Facebook Page for it. Seven years ago. Breaking news, though! Things have changed a bit since then, and so should your strategy regarding the content that you choose to share.

Since Facebook’s algorithm has been modified, it is quite important to get to understand how change operated to have access to an even broader audience. Of course, there are so many do’s and don’ts  nowadays regarding social networks that you might get a bit confused about what you should or should not do. So here are some common rookie Facebook mistakes and ways to avoid them.

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Rookie Facebook Mistakes


Under No Circumstance Ignore the Comments

Do you ever return to a place where you’ve been treated badly? Neither will your fans on Facebook if you give them the silence treatment. You should consider the fact that they took the time to compose a comment on your Page, so they would like to know that they have a small slice of your attention. It is widely known that pages that don’t communicate well with Fans rapidly decrease in popularity.

Not Posting Content That Is Relevant To Your Business

Don’t get this wrong – variety is much needed and appreciated on a business’s Facebook page, but how you deliver that variety is even more important. Your key goal is for followers to become subscribers, right? Well, you can’t expect them to do that if you’re not bringing enough clarity to the table. Your subscriber’s rate will drastically fall if the content you choose to post is not somehow in relation to the very essence of your business. So branding must be in your mind regarding all the small details – the ideas, content and form.

Plain Wrong Format of Posts

Well, it’s so easy to mix up the format of social networks these days even Calgary SEO professionals make the mistake. And this is a trap in which many fall. The most recent example of the social networks themselves inviting to mixing is the hashtag option on Facebook. But, writing a post for Facebook as you would for Twitter can have its downsides.

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A thing that you should keep in mind is that the format of your posts should be reader-friendly and concise. Too complicated or fuzzy drives people away.  Also, try not the overcrowd your content with several calls-to-action links, since people will really get confused and probably respond to none of the calls.

Consider Facebook to Be Your Personal Market

Now this is the moment when most users walk away fast and never return to your Page again. The most basic thing about Facebook is that it’s considered a free e-mail list to exploit and market to. So, clear your mind of the marketing strategies when it comes to your Page, and think more about converting your Page into a space that encourages your fans to share the content they value more. So, you’ve got a bit of brainstorming to do regarding the things that your fans are talking about that have a connection to your business and how to link the two of them.

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Not Taking Advantage of Split-Testing

The Golden Rule is to use Facebook ads. But without split-test, they will probably be a total failure. The most important things that need testing are the images and the headlines. The key is to experiment a lot with the time of the day when you schedule your posts, the headlines and with the background colors. You might be surprised to find out, but a color can make the difference between a gained follower or a lost one.

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Your Posts Are too Promotional

And Facebook has noticed this too since they announced the reducing of too-promotional page posts in users’ timeline. The problem is that people who make overly promotional posts tend to focus solely on buying, selling, entering a promotion, without giving a context, a story, something to hook the reader. This is why if you think that you’re not particularly skilled at this, you should leave the promotion part to a marketer.

Your Updates Are too Long

You might enjoy writing, but you should really try to keep your posts short. The reactions are better to less lengthy updates. The polls say it. And, come on – when you see a novel-long post, isn’t your instinct to ignore it? Instead of going on and on about an issue, try to engage your followers with a question or a funny short story, for example, and they will certainly come back for more.

Are you making any of these rookie mistakes? What other Facebook mistakes have you noticed? Share your story in the comment area below.


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