#ScrapApp – India’s First Mobile App to Optimizing Scrap Recycling

#ScrapApp – India’s First Mobile App to Optimizing Scrap Recycling

ScrapApp – We do!

ScrapApp is a mobile app dedicated to optimizing the scrap recycling and management processes in India, and contribute directly to the country’s forest cover through the audited and transparent planting of trees in bio reserves around the country.

The company donates 50% of their revenue from each transaction to ‘Grow Trees Foundation’ and/or ‘Sanskara’, the certification for which is given to the client at no additional charge.

It is the brainchild of Vidur Bakshi, Azaan Khan, Raghav Shunglu & Adityanarayan R., who joined hands hoping to effect a substantial renovation of the scrap recycling industry and assist the environment through responsible recycling, ethical business practices and direct intervention.

The service connects customers directly with the recycling plants in an efficient and ecofriendly way through the implementation of the three-step process detailed below.

Some of the establishments serviced by ScrapApp since its inception are Social Offline, Summer House Café, Smoke House Deli, Venkateshwara School, Mother International School, Lodhi Hotel, Savoy Suites, The Taj Palace Hotel, amongst others.


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The Process – “SCRAP IT : GET PAID : GO GREEN”


Clients can schedule pickups on the app itself
The valuation of scrap is carried out by a ScrapApp representative who will personally oversee the process.


We pay competitive market prices on the basis of our price list, which is updated every 24 hours.
Payments are made in cash or cheque, depending on the volume of scrap being disposed.


We donate 50% of the revenues from each transaction to Grow Trees foundation and/or Sanskara.
The donation is made on behalf of the client, and the certification is sent to the client directly from “Grow Trees Foundation” and/or Sanskara.
This is a value added service for which the client is not charged. The total value clients get for their scrap is always greater than the market value of the scrap.
ScrapApp wishes to inspire a new ethos founded on the principle that one can be successful at business even while giving half of what one earns to the planet we call home.

Notes to Editor: –

1) Sustainable development model based on diverting scrap from landfills and directly contributing to forest cover at the same time.
2) 50% of our revenues are donated to Grow Trees Foundation, recognized by WWF and Sanskara. We give half of everything we earn to the planet we call home.
3) We pay competitive prices to our clients.
4) Ensure green distribution channels for scrap and ACTUALLY going green from the first stage of collection.
5) Certification is provided to all clients, for growing trees, as well as the relevant certification from the recycling plants. PCB/ TVO / ISO certification etc.
6) A new ethos, a new way of doing business, which is environmentally sustainable and supportive of the planets needs.

About the Founders

Vidur Bakshi, MD. Founder – worked in PR and events with Hanmer MSL and is now a serial entrepreneur with four previous startups.
Azaan Khan, COO, Founder Member – trained musician and a BCom Hons graduate from Delhi University. Has studied music in KMMC, A.R.Rehman’s music academy and has dabbled in radio with 95 FM and Fever 104 FM. Businessman by day, musician by night
Raghav Shunglu, CEO, Founder Member – is a graduate from Delhi University’s Hindu College, has worked with many organic farms, building micro economies in rural areas all over India including the north-east and south, for local handicrafts, organic produce etc
Aditya, CCO, Founder Member – Currently pursuing his masters in English, at the age of 21. Brilliant writer and with a deep interest in philosophy, psychoanalysis, linguistics, music, art and cinema.

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