SEO Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
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SEO Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

What is the best SEO practice & SEO Checklist to get organic SEO Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is the free and best seo service to get organic seo traffic on your website. Its long processor but it will give results for long time. Best SEO practice is divided into three parts On page, Off page and Content Marketing.

Don’t get confuse between content marketing because it has long processor and it’s not a part of SEO off page. Today I talk about miner SEO mistakes that you can’t afford to make. Hope you like this content will implement this checklist on your website as well. If you have any questions or suggestion regarding SEO or else, please share below in the comment box or you can send us mail at

Back in 2012, research showed that every minute, around 571 websites are created all around the world for a vast range of different purposes – and you can expect that number to be even higher today. This goes to show that the online market is expanding significantly on a daily basis, creating an environment which is fiercely competitive and only the strongest survive. The strongest are those which are thoroughly committed to best web SEO practices, including search engine optimization. Being ‘average’ just simply isn’t good enough in this highly competitive market, which is why it’s important that you know which common SEO mistakes you simply cannot afford to make.

Churning Out Content


Churning out pages and pages of content just for the hell of it won’t get you anywhere when it comes to SEO, however constantly producing content for the sake of SEO still seems to be a common practice. But since Google is beginning to favor quality over quantity, those who still churn out content quickly find that it’s a counterproductive method. Instead, focus your efforts into producing quality content which is interesting and informational to your readers.

Not Being Mobile Friendly


Making sure that your website is optimized for viewing on a smartphone or tablet device is even more important since the changes that Google made to their algorithm earlier this year. Research shows that more and more users are choosing to access search engines on mobile devices, which is why the ‘mobile-friendliness’ of a site is now an important factor of SEO and plays a part in determining where your site appears in search engine rankings. If you’ve ever gotten frustrated when trying to view a site on a smartphone or tablet, it probably wasn’t mobile friendly. In order to ensure that your site doesn’t frustrate users you should use a responsive web design – see the digital marketing agency for more information.

Not Optimizing Images


A picture paints a thousand words, and if you’re not optimizing the images on your website, they have no chance of appearing in search engine results and catching a user’s eye. Quite often, images are not titled and captioned properly, which is a huge SEO mistake as it prevents images from appearing in search engine results under the right search terms or keywords. It’s important to remember that photos in search engine results are clickable, and can be a huge source of traffic to your site if they are optimized properly.

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Slow Loading


You may not be aware, but the time that it takes a page to load is actually a leading ranking factor taken into consideration by Google. Typically, high-resolution videos and images tend to be the main cause of slowing a page down when loading. With 40% of people leaving a site that takes any more than three seconds to load, it’s important to ensure you prioritize visitor stay time over impressive visuals.

Which SEO mistakes have you made and how did you correct them? Also you can find the tips for how to get blog traffic easily, We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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