What are your favorite SEO tips for 2016?
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What are your favorite SEO tips for 2016?

When it is time to optimize a web site or any blog post, two factors have the most compulsory role that are ONPage Optimization and OFF Page Optimization. SEO tips for this 2016 are very interesting and helpful. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. ONPage SEO is sometimes considered as a bad practice but still it is no harm in wanting your page to stand higher in search engines. The latest SEO trends will be mentioned below.

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A few techniques for a better ranking in the search engine-

1. Build from broken links on Wikipedia

We have a small superscript written on a link in the form of “[dead link]” in the references section on any Wikipedia page. The biggest hurdle is to search for them. Here is mine Wikipedia backlink

To search them type site:wikipedia.org [keyword you need to find]+”dead link”.


Now go to a page which matches your site. Then click ctrl + f and search “dead link”.


Now re-create that particular dead link on your site and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with yours.


Here is mine live link


2. Update, Republish and Upgrade old blog posts

You should send your link which needs to be increased in ranking to every possible mail, on social media, and every person possible.

Find out most clickable post from Google Analytic


It gives you great social impact and strong SERP of particular page.


3. Copy the ads to make believable title and description

We all see the descriptions given on some particular ads which tempt us to visit that site. So we should use those descriptions on our own site and increase blog traffic at a high pace.


4. Add a relationship with the bloggers of AllTop

AllTop has a great variety of blogs on every content and topic. We should find our required one and contact the bloggers on the topic we need.


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AllTop will show you best and high quality blogs of every niche.


5. Use benefits focused content developing

The audience always asks that what is there for them, and that question when answered by anyone, then they are definitely winning.


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6. Link your site with authority sites

The simple secret to rise is holding on to the highest peak and climbing by its support. We should attach ourselves with any high ranking company and then rise in its shadow and finally become a competitor.


7. Use of ‘because’

The word because is a form of request and any request seems more true. An experiment held by Dr. Scott Key showed us that people who ask anything without because tend to say yes on 61% times but with because and a reason, the graph raises to 89%.

8. Find ideas for names while surfing internet

We should search any topic on a web encyclopedia like Wikipedia, and search for attractive names while reading about it.

9. Write content of at least 1800 words

Study shows that an average of Google’s first page results consists of 1890 words . You can see my recent research about Domain authority and how to find creative blog ideas.

10. Add lots of images

A lot of traffic is taken while searching for a image and it helps the website to pull itself up to number 1. Images don’t mean download for Google and insert in your post. Make you post like a tutorial and share your original screen shot.


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11. Title should be attractive

The most important actor is making the title interesting and catchy to the audience which forces them to read your blog. It should be of 65 characters with spaces. It is considered as an ideal title space limit. You can read my recent post and take an idea how to choose trending topic and create catchy title.

Some beginner SEO tactics-

ONSite SEO Tactics- SEO ON Page Factors

  • Have solid technical site structure and user navigation.
  • Make sure that the information architecture is legal.
  • Link externally within body content.
  • Apply easy responsive design.
  • Give your name, address and contact details.

OFFSite Tactics- Link Building Tools

  • Get customer reviews.
  • Spend time making relationships and building them.
  • Stay active on authoritative blogs.
  • Spend most in Visual content creation.

These tips are sufficient to make your page move up in the search engine search.

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