How to Decide Which Streaming Service is Best for You
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How to Decide Which Streaming Service is Best for You

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With every passing day more and more people are ‘cutting the cable’ so to speak and migrating onto internet streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on. Generally these services provide tons of TV shows, movies and other video content at a much cheaper price tag in terms of subscription, so the choice seems pretty straightforward.

But the big question is: How should you decide which streaming service is best for you? Considering there are so many available (with more emerging constantly), trying to figure out which one is right for you will undoubtedly seem confusing.

Content Matters

At the end of the day, the one criteria that is probably going to matter most to you is the content that these streaming services can offer. Although all of them have fairly large libraries, they don’t all contain the same shows – so finding a platform that has the shows you want to watch would be ideal.

It shouldn’t be too hard for you to locate a list of the TV shows and movies available on these platforms and then make a decision accordingly. If your favorite TV shows are all exclusive to Netflix, for example, then it is definitely the one that you’re going to want to pick.

Cost and Features

Before you decide you may want to weigh some of the other factors at play, most notably the cost and features. In terms of the more popular platforms out there, Amazon tends to be pricier than Netflix and Hulu. However, Netflix and Amazon have no advertisements, whereas Hulu does.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Amazon allows you to download and view content offline – which no other platform currently provides for. However if you want you can work around this by using third party software such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record and view Netflix offline along with any other streaming service.

By using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record content from Netflix directly from your screen you can then save it to your hard drive and view it whenever you feel like. The presets that are available will help you to optimize the video for any device or platform, and its other features will let you edit and improve it in various ways.

In particular you will be able to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to cut and combine video segments once you record them – which may prove useful to remove unwanted parts of the footage. Also you can improve the video quality, apply special effects and filters, and much more. Suffice to say it will give you an easy way to save content for offline viewing, and edit it to suit your needs.

Streaming Service 2016 

Netflix ($7.99 per month)

Streaming Service 2016

Amazon Prime Instant Video ($8.99 per month)

Streaming Service 2016_amazon

Hulu ($7.99 per month)

Streaming Service 2016_hulu

PlayStation Vue ($50 per month)

Streaming Service 2016_Playstation

Sling TV ($20 per month)

Streaming Service 2016_sling TV

Crackle – Free on Crackle

Streaming Service 2016_crackle

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