Era of Technology


The era of technology simplifying the human life and making jobs easier and simpler for us has gone beyond the realms of reality and the realms of the virtual world has started creeping into our minds. We no longer contend ourselves at being or feeling the physical world around us and time constraints of the busy life has generated the need for creating the virtual world imparting the same experience we hope to achieve in the physical world.

World and Technology


Smartphones have started ruling the world and technology has moved deeper into our pockets or captured onto hands, it has penetrated the human mind and created a need for itself- a need that has created a thirst-a thirst that went parallel to human physical and emotional well-being, the thirst to communicate and to socialize.

Social Aspect


The social aspect of the human world has also moved beyond just having an account or getting in touch with friends and connecting distant lives but has gone deeper to be seen, felt, acknowledged and recognized in the social hemisphere.

Digital Era


The digital era is no far where digitization along with IOT (Internet of Things) would make technology seamless and integrated at the whole next level. This would ensure more effortless interaction of the humans with gadgets around them and help create an atmosphere that feels more in sync with the human requirements of comfort and luxury.

A man routinely charges his cell phone, a laptop, a power bank to power his cell phone and endless series of gadgets that have crept into his life to stay updated and at par with the technology era.

Such has the interaction penetrated his daily schedule (on top of the work environment) demanding his attention and concentration that the big question holds- “Does man master technology or has technology to ease human life taken a beat at humankind?”

If research data about human interaction with machines around them tells us a different story, there is a reason to worry.

Digital Activities

The digital activities make the youth strong in technical skills but make them weak in real life practical skills. (Jyoti Ranjan Muduli).

The addiction causes intra-psychic conflicts such as intolerance andrelapse among the youth (Cabral, 2011)

Excessive internet uses not only generates disorders, but it can sometimes be distressing and disabling (Shapira et al., 2003) ~Mashable


Ask yourself a question at this stage- Do you really feel technology has given us more or has it taken away a greater chunk of it? A man to meet his and his family needs of technology have to spend his life working hard enough to keep himself up to date with the cost of technology. Technology is changing by the minute and by the hour. So, you are in a technological race to equip yourself with technology, shopping for technology using technology and then again learning the technology using technology.

Technological Framework


A device which was meant for the human need of communication should not shut our mouths and push us behind walls where we live in an identity crisis but rather give us a voice and the time which we can share with our loved ones. The time technology was supposed to provide has reduced significantly. The reduced time now needs to be compressed somewhere else and the onus of responsibility using this technological framework has burdened the human mind.

The human need for sex is technologically met through pornography, while the social need to be felt, needed and loved through social networking sites, the need to save time has been met through spending more time to earn that technologically extra time, the need to realize values are now seen through externally aided audio and visual means.

It is our responsibility to realize and propagate the human need of our lives and bring in technology at the right place avoiding it at when wrong, and while I spread this message using technology I hope that it brings a little difference to people around me by making them aware of the simple resonating fact that-”Technology is a good slave but a bad master.”


Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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