The Home Office of the Future

The Home Office of the Future


Telecommunications got a massive boost when internet spread all across the world. It is one of the fastest mediums of communication and has made the world a smaller place. Today people use the internet at their homes as well as in their offices. For that matter the office environment has become more mobile as people are working from homes through the internet. For this reason there are two very important criteria to be fulfilled while picking the internet plans. There are faster internet speed plans and great plans at affordable and cheap rates.

Naked DSL Technology

The latest internet technology on offer is the Naked DSL technology which is available now in most developed nations including Australia. This is a great technology and is available with the trusted internet company in Australia, iiNet. iiNet offers Naked DSL technology which will ensure that the subscribers get fast internet without adding to the extra expense of spending on a fixed phone line. The broadband will be made available for the subscribers and the subscriber’s phone will be delivered via VOIP. VOIP is voice over internet protocol and these plans with Naked DSL also include free calling for local as well as national calls. In this type of service, broadband internet is provided on the local loop.

More about the Naked DSL Plans

There are many affordable plans that the subscribers can choose from when it comes to Naked DSL broadband plans according to their need and convenience. There are total 4 plans that the customers can choose from in the iiNet DSL plans. iiNet offers Naked DSL plans from 100 GB to 1000 GB. The smallest plan is called “Naked Home Value” that is a 100 GB plan which is for $59.95. The next plan is a 250 GB of $ 69.95 called Naked Home 1. There are two other plans for people who need more than 250 GB. There is a Naked Home 2 plan of 500 GB for $ 89.95 and the last plan is for 1000 GB called the Naked Home 3 plan which will cost the subscribers $109.95. As you must have noticed that as the number of GB’s increase the rate per GB decreases. There are also many additional benefits per plan that the customers will get if they buy this plan.

As the office environment changes and people want high speed internet even in their homes for work purposes, such amazing internet plans with high speed at cheap costs are perfect for the home office of the future.

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