The Samsung Galaxy S4 v/s iPhone 5 Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S4 v/s iPhone 5 Comparison

The best phones in the high end smartphone category today are the Samsung Galaxy Series phones and the iPhone series of Smartphones by Apple Inc. The latest comparison is between Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 which are the latest products by these companies. So which one should you buy? Here’s a look at how they match with each other when it comes to specifications, price and other factors.

Price Range

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a slightly newer model as compared to the iPhone 5. The price of the S4 is higher than that of the iPhone 5 but it contains more features as compared to the iPhone 5.

Design, Look and Hardware

The look and feel on the iPhone 5 is metallic and the S4 is a plastic handset model. The main difference is a 5 inch AMOLED Touchscreen screen on the S4 as compared to a 4inch LCD display screen on the iPhone 5. While the S4 is heavier than the iPhone it is thinner than the iPhone.


Storage and Operating System

The S4 is available in three variants with internal storage of 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB with 2 GB RAM. The same storage variants are available in the iPhone 5 range but the RAM is only 1 GB. Another plus for S4 is that there is an external storage option with a MicroSD card which is not available in the iPhone. When it comes to the operating system there is no comparison as some prefer IOS while others prefer Android. S4 is available in the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 version of Android while iPhone is available in the iOS 6 version with an upgrade option to 6.1.3

CPU and Battery

The iPhone boasts an Apple A6 dual core processor 1.2 GHz whereas the S4 has quad core processor of 1.9 GHz and also a variant that is and octa core processor comprising of two quad core processors. However in many parts of the world only the quad core processor version of the S4 is available. Another Plus for the S4 is that it has a removable battery as compared to iPhone which has a non removable battery. Both phones have decent battery lives.


In the camera segment the Samsung Galaxy S4 wins hands down. The phone has a 13MP primary Camera and a 2 MP secondary camera. The primary camera along with the standard features of high end camera phone also has many added innovative new features. The iPhone has an 8 MP primary camera and a 1.2 MP secondary camera. It has a lot of features in it but S4 has an edge when it comes to camera features.


The S4 is more jam packed with new and innovative features as compared to the iPhone 5. It is more technologically advanced as compared to the iPhone as it is released more than 6 months after the iPhone 5.

When you compare both the phones in many aspects Samsung Galaxy S4 beats the iPhone 5. There are however loyal customers for both the companies.

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