The Top 10 Smartphones of 2013
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The Top 10 Smartphones of 2013

This year has been a very busy year when it comes to latest launches of smartphones by major smartphone companies all over the world. There have been some major successes in smartphones this year. Some smartphones because of their innovative design features and great performance and usability have done better than other smartphones in their segment. There are hundreds of smartphones that were launched in 2013 but very few made it to the top. The following are a list top 10 best tech gadgets of 2013:

The Top 10 Smartphones of 2013

1) Apple iPhone 5S


When the best smartphones have to be listed, iPhones by Apple generally are a part of that list. This futuristic smartphone with amazing features like fingerprint scanner, a 64-bit processor and great design had Apple customers stand in long queues at the shops in most countries to buy the Apple iPhone 5S.

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 3


This was one of the best Android smartphone tablets or “phablets” that was launched in 2013. Amazing features, hue 5.7 inch HD screen, a long battery life, 13 MP rear camera and latest versions of operating system and connectivity features made it one of the best Android smartphones in the market.

3) HTC One


Another great Android smartphone option that was launched is HTC One. It has many great software features, a 4.7 inch display screen and the USP of the smartphone is the 4 MP UltraPixel camera and a 2 GB RAM.

4) LG G2


A major seller by LG this smartphone has amazing features and great design. This Android smartphone has 13 MP rear camera, 2 GB RAM, NFC, 3000 mAh battery among other cool features.

5) LG G Flex


One of the best launches of the year by LG Mobile has been the LG G Flex with its innovative curve design making the smartphone fit into the shape of a palm. It has a self healing back, a 6 inches display screen and a 13 MP rear camera among other cool features.

6) Sony Xperia Z1


This is one of the best Android smartphones in the market today. Sony has included many features in this smartphone like 20.7 MP rear camera with G Lens, 5 inch HD display screen, 2 GB RAM and a powerful processor.

7) Nokia Lumia 520


This is a very popular smartphone launched by Nokia this year operating of Windows Phone operating system. This mid segment smartphone has a lot of great features and is very popular with the young buyers.

8) Nokia Lumia 1020


This is a high end Nokia phone and has been very popular with the buyers because of its USP of having a 41 MP rear camera on the smartphone.

9) Google Nexus 5


Google has developed a great smartphone called Nexus 5 which is manufactured by LG. This smartphone has an almost 5 inches HD display screen, runs on the latest Kitkat version of Android and has a good battery life and 2 GB RAM.

10) Moto X

This is Motorola’s smartphone that competes well with the competition. With its 10 MP ClearPixel Camera, 2 GB RAM and great features and free android apps that are included in the smartphone it is a great launch by Motorola for smartphones in 2013.

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